Favourite character apart from Lizzie?



  • torisaurus5torisaurus5 Posts: 3
    How can I choose! I love Lydia because she makes me laugh, and I love Charlotte and Darcy, and Fitz, ahh! I can't choose.
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  • syue1984syue1984 Posts: 30
    Right now I'm a fan of Jane.  She's just so nice ... but not in a creepy way.

    Lydia is a good character too ... however people like Lydia IRL scare / intimidate me.
  • aSnowyEveningaSnowyEvening Posts: 226 ✭✭✭
    Going with the majority - Lydia never fails to make me smile.  HOLLA!  And, with the more recent videos, it's nice to see her more vulnerable side.
  • Fitz
    I love Fitz because he's so genuinely himself & fun! I wish there was more of him in the show. :)you In book I would have said Darcy but the vid diares point a sort of different perspective.of himyou for me.
  • LaisLais Posts: 140 ✭✭
    I like them all, but I just love what was done with Lydia. She was a shallow character on the book and now she's fantastic. I can't help but care for her now in her vlogs and laugh with her on the firsts ones.

    so yeah, LY DEE YA!
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  • HeyMolliHeyMolli Posts: 1
    I chose Fitz, just because he was played so brilliantly, and was hilarious to watch.
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  • DewdewDewdew Posts: 25
    If you had asked me earlier in the series I would have said Charlotte, but Lydia's vlog has endeared her to my heart.

    I'm actually really pleased with the potrayal of all the characters so far.

    It's why I love this series so much
  • DewdewDewdew Posts: 25
    Katelyn said:

    Fitz would have the potential to rival Lydia, but let's be honest, we've barely seen him. If we had seen only that much of Lydia, she'd still be an under-age party girl. 

    Lydia is very well fleshed out both by writers and by actor. She is flawed but not without reason, yet has just as many endearing qualities, like her admiration and love for her big sisters, her persistence in studying despite it not coming easily, and persisting to find a place where she feels emotionally supported (going to Jane).

    Lydia really is a big softy.

    I am also so proud of her for trying to change her ways and do well in her studies, and when she made that vlog about her grades I was like "I'm so proud of you" even though she's a fictional character.

    I feel like there is something else going on in her life she's not telling anyone. it makes me a bit concerned.
  • javelinjavelin Posts: 14
    I went with Darcy, because I mean.. Darcy! But I love Jane too. She's a sweetheart.
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  • Lydia
    For me it's Lydia, at least in this adaptation. I love her character. 
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  • random_fanrandom_fan Posts: 173
    It's Lydia for me, though only because Fitz hasn't appeared more often.
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  • ScioletSciolet Posts: 32
    I'll definitely go with Charlotte - that girl has the guts, the brains and the awesome all together ~O)
  • ArinaArina Posts: 28
    For me, it's Lydia.
    I feel like she is a really dynamic and interesting character. I mean, the way most of the characters are portrayed is really great, like Jane, Charlotte, Ricky, etc, but I think that Lydia's personality shines the brightest.  
    Plus, she's just ADORABLE. 
  • amandafinlawamandafinlaw Posts: 49
    I had to pick Lydia. This character has way more depth than I ever imagined book Lydia to have the potential of having.  I also really love their portrayal  of Charlotte and Ricky, and I may have a tiny girl crush on Jane, but the LY-DEE-YA is my favorite. 
  • Lydia
    I picked Lydia, I find myself just as excited for her vlogs as I am the main show.  Her character is really growing on me, especially with the more recent episodes of her vlog.
  • AnnaAnna Posts: 9
    It was a close call between Fitz and Charlotte for me, they are both such great characters
  • alyssarosealyssarose Posts: 21
    Although I do love how Lydia's character is more fleshed out in this version, my favorite character has to be Jane. She is just so sweet, and I think that Laura Spencer does a fantastic job at capturing her character. I can't wait to see her have her happy ending with Bing!
  • iownadragoniownadragon Posts: 11
    I was torn between Darcy and Lydia. I chose Darcy, but I really do love Lydia. 
    I really just love all of them.
    Choosing hurt.
  • Lydia
    Lydia, with Fitz as a close second. I'm not sure whether it's Lydia or whether it's just Mary Kate Wiles, though. She's kind of my favorite.
  • JHitzigJHitzig Posts: 3
    If the question were which character do you want to hang out with, the answer would be Fitz. Or Jane.  But the one I like to watch? Ly-Di-YA!!
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  • EslindEslind Posts: 3
    I'd vote for Mary if that were an option, I really recognize myself in her (although I am a bit less emo-ish) and I have this friend who acts a lot like Lydia pretty often...
  • jessijessi Posts: 6
    hey, what about maria.? 
    lydia is incredibly likeable in LBD, so yeah that one's obvious 
    but i also completely adore jane
  • LindzLindz Posts: 27
    He's funny and good-natured
  • edith1004edith1004 Posts: 5
    I've always loved Fitz! after rading the book I thought he was a rather unloved character and the fact that they made him so fun and lovable in the diaries makes me really happy (also loved he's being gay)
  • geekacrossthestreetgeekacrossthestreet Posts: 166 ✭✭✭
    I had to choose Jane. I like her. She's just really, really nice, and so sweet to Lizzie and Lydia. 
  • PyroTimeLadyPyroTimeLady Posts: 10
    The best part of Pride&Prejudice in ANY form is totally Darcy!
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  • shayndelshayndel Posts: 4
    it was hard to choose between jane, darcy, lydia and bing. jane and i are very similar and darcy is darcy.
    lydia is such a fun character and shes hysterical. when bing left, i went back and watched all the episodes with jane and bing 
  • Lydia
    I liked Lydia's anarchistic attitude at the beginning, I've been there in life. Then she started doing her own videos and has grown so much as a character. Love Lydia.
  • GinzGinz Posts: 3
    Jane all the way! She's so sweet. I also really like Fitz, he was super entertaining to watch. I really like that almost all characters have something endearing about them, though. I think they did a great job with that!
  • Darcy
    I liked Darcy because he is a very interesting, dynamic character. I like how he is really awkward and robotic. :D
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