Any Nerdfighters in Romania

devilskinndevilskinn Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaPosts: 15
Hello, everyone! 
I love the vlogbrothers and admire all their initiatives. The idea of Nerdfighters is amazing! 
I want to organize some gatherings, movie nights and book readings, or just hang-outs, but I cannot seem to find someone from Romania, let alone Cluj-Napoca. 
Who would be interested in joining the Romanian Nerdifghter group? :D


  • devilskinndevilskinn Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaPosts: 15
    Is anyone from Romania in-on our pants? ;;)
  • eraclis7eraclis7 Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaPosts: 72
    YES ! 
    And I am even in Cluj-Napoca !!! :D
    I am a newbie, discovered vlogbrothers about a week ago but I love them ! 
    And I am really sad that I don't have anybody as enthusiasmated as me to talk about them !  
  • pdannysan13pdannysan13 Târgu MureșPosts: 2
    I am also from Romania, from Targu Mures. I am kinda sad that I didn't find a nerdfighteria group on the Nerdfighteria Map.
    Maybe we could do something about this. I discovered vlogbrothers a few years ago and I have been following them on YouTube but I'd like to get more involved in some way.
    If somebody has an idea than we should create a FB group or anything.
  • eraclis7eraclis7 Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaPosts: 72
    there is a group on fb for romanian nerdfighters ! I know this one > ! :D
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