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    Only two webcomics have ever took hold of me and never let go and they are Carciphona and Gaia. Carciphona is a beautifully drawing manga-style comic with sporadic updates, but well worth the wait. Gaia pages come out much more regularly, one every few days. Both are fantasy and both are simply amazing!

    Carciphona you really read for the characters, particularly Veloce and Blackbird, the two "Carciphona" of the series' title, humans who are infected with demon spirits that slowly kill them like cancer and get them branded as outcasts by society. But they also both happen to be extremely powerful sorceresses, and they're not on the same side—at least, so it appears at first. Veloce is a lone-wolf type struggling with a tortured past and an uncertain future, whilst Blackbird, whose identity and past is revealed in tantalizing infinitesimally tiny bits, is the assassin who has been hired to kill Veloce . . . but it quickly becomes obvious that Blackbird is reluctant to kill her latest target, for reasons unknown.

    Gaia is all about the plot. The creators evidently have a carefully laid-out plan for this series, which also revolves around magic (and interestingly, some magic/technology crossovers, too!). The first 42 pages introduce some of the main characters and basically set up a backdrop for the rest of this grand and complex tale. The moment you hit page 42, you've reached the top of the chain lift on this roller coaster, and everything that comes after is sheer, fast-paced, relentless adventure. The intricate cast of characters expands at an exponential rate, as does the world they live in. The first major arc in the story is an intense jailbreak which serves to open the doors to a whole slew of simultaneous conflicts and mysteries. I am extremely eager to see how they all blend together.

    Don't be mistaken, though; Carciphona's plot is just as savory, and Gaia's characters reveal complexity in their own rights as well. Both are excellent examples of world-building, and they have tinges of humor at times, too. You cannot go wrong reading either of them. I strongly recommend both.

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    Mine would be Megatokyo, Queen of Wands and Mall Monkeys.
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    XKCD, Theodd 1sout, Domics the like
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