Favourite webcomics?



  • JCorduroyJCorduroy Posts: 10
    The two that are my must reads every week are Gronk and Multiplex - the first is a story of an adorable monster, the second is about life working in a movie theater.
  • girl_on_Jupitergirl_on_Jupiter Posts: 663 ✭✭✭
    Unsounded by far. In fact, I think it should be everyone's favorite webcomic and I'm kind of disappointed that I haven't seen it here yet. It's so good! If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's wonderfully illustrated and wonderfully written and the story is very interesting and unique. It's a great Fantasy comic. As another plus, she also has a very regular update schedule that she sticks to consistently. I also read Boxer Hockey, The Meek, Sandra and Woo, Gaia, Nerf This, Apple & Kiwi, Two Guys and Guy, Motocool, Scout Crossing, and then some things on DeviantArt. Oh, and Hellbound but I do not speak of that one as it was unfortunately abandoned...

    Also, I love that this thread exists. Now I can find some new comics to read... :)
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    -xkcd and currently his What if? section in particular
    -saturday morning breakfast cereal (brilliant daily 1ish panel comic)
    -Goblinscomic (very well drawn fantasy story about a goblin party of player characters, D&D background)
    -order of the stick (on a long hiatus, stick figure fantasy party, funny D&D injokes)

    [edit] almost forgot, Penny arcade [/edit]
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  • sylarsushicatsylarsushicat Posts: 10
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    Ones that I am caught up on that are my favorites of all time would have to be :
    -Law of Talos link: http://unknown-person.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d1jk941   If you keep going there are awesome flashes and awesome-awesome and more awesome. So yes ;P
    -Here's more Law of Talos http://del-borovic.deviantart.com/gallery/5239644 , but I love this artist's characters and art and AUHGHHG so good, Has inspired me in so many ways. This artist also does other awesome comics like Steve
    and Delve http://delvecomic.deviantart.com/gallery/24135816 (DELVE IS AMAZING)

    If you like Vocaloid, one of my best friends has an ask few blogs in which she illustrates the answers and I consider it a sequence of funny comics so here   http://asktonio.tumblr.com/ http://askcrypton.tumblr.com/ http://ask-megurineluka.tumblr.com/

    Everyone knows about Homestuck (OR THEY SHOULD!) so yeah.

    LACKADAISY has to be one of my favorite webcomics. It is just beautiful. Guys, read it please http://www.lackadaisycats.com/comic.php?comicid=1

    OMG WHOVIANS!!!!! WHOVIAN MUST READ THIS COMIC, you will love it (hopefully)  Even if you don't watch Doctor Who    Search For The Truth would probably captivate you even if you haven't. http://girl-on-the-moon.deviantart.com/gallery/154207
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  • KrisKris GeorgiaPosts: 13
    The only webcomic I really keep up with, and therefore my favorite by default, is Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. A friend on a game introduced me to it years ago.

    @sylarsushicat I remember coming across and reading some of Lackadaisy on deviantART years ago. It is a pretty good comic. I personally have a fondness for prohibition era stuff and the art is amazing.
  • AlcixAlcix Posts: 117 ✭✭✭
    xkcd, Questionable Content, Sinfest, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Order of the Stick, The Oatmeal, Kawaii Not.

  • RiplachanceRiplachance Posts: 343 ✭✭
    i didnt see anyone who likes sequential art.... :(
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  • AaronAaron Dundee, U.K.Posts: 758 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wasn't quite sure where to post this, but today's Diesel Sweeties comic seems to refer to the hotness of John Green [link], which I think is worthy of note.

    It's one of my favourites, along with Basic Instructions, Our Valued Customers and Married to the Sea. Plus loads that have been mentioned already, like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, XKCD, Subnormality, Happle Tea, Surviving the World etc.
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  • EquilibriumEquilibrium Posts: 36 ✭✭
    I haven't read web comics in earnest in a while, but I did enjoy Pot Luck Comics. It Sucks to be Weegie and Ensign Sue Must die in particular.
  • speckleyspeckley Posts: 11
    I have over 80 webcomics on my RSS feed, so choosing my favorites is always tough!
    Hm... In no particular order:

    Dresden Codak, Johnny Wander, Bad Machinery, Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, Dead Winter, Gunnerkrigg Court, Happle Tea Comics, Hark! A Vagrant, Namesake, Questionable Content, Order of Tales, Stop Paying Attention, The Meek, Unsounded, Cucumber Quest, Homestuck, Runewriters.
  • suchduckssuchducks cat-i-tude crew FloridaPosts: 51 Mod
    I quite like ebbits.

  • kteeleekteelee Posts: 9
    I read a bunch of ones that have already been mentioned, but since no one's brought up Octopus Pie yet, I figure I'll put it out there.
  • BrilliantBootsBrilliantBoots Posts: 60 ✭✭✭
    I second NIMONA.  Medieval science-punk shapeshifter girl assists (not-so-evil?) supervillain?  I am on BOARD.  If you're not reading it yet, you definitely should.
  • BonsterBonster Posts: 65
    Even though it only gets updated "wheneverly" now, I really love The Perry Bible Fellowship.  

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  • marox14marox14 Posts: 47
    Warrior-U, Busty Girls Perks/Problems, 2 Guys And Guy
  • BrianneBrianne Minneapolis / St. PaulPosts: 5
    A friend of mine has a great, sporadically updated comic called The Great Khan. Check it out!
  • OlleOlle Posts: 289 ✭✭✭
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    I'll add a couple gems that I haven't seen anyone mention yet (although I did only skim the thread):

    Octopus Pie is equal parts slice-of-life comedy and relationship drama set in Brooklyn, New York (with the occasional surrealistic element, like the recurring plot thread about a secret organization of baristas). Written and drawn by Meredith Gran (also known from some of the Adventure Time comics), who has the unfailing habit of returning to the most throwaway characters introduced and turning them into very real, very human people when you're least expecting it. Funny and heartbreaking.

    Vattu is the latest creation of webcomic genius Evan Dahm (the guy who did Rice Boy and Order of Tales, both set in the same universe as Vattu and available on the same website). It's a fantasy epic about a Rome-like empire and the enslaved and otherwise disenfranchised people living on its margins. You'll be amazed by just how expressive some of his characters are, given that not a single one of them is human-shaped.

    Templar, Arizona is a very unique comic, difficult to place genre-wise, about the fictional town of Templar in a version of Arizona (and the world) different from our own world in subtle and slowly-revealed ways (such as the large number of bizarre subcultures and the weird way the media are structured). Features a ragtag ensemble cast whose stories are only just beginning to be intertwined in a major way. The creator tends to cease updates for months at a time for unclear reasons, so the update pace is very slow, but she makes up for it by writing some of the best dialogue I've ever come across. Seriously, just read the first scene. It's hilarious.
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  • VeritasVeritas Posts: 4
    Its good to see other Questionable Content fans in Nerdfighteria. Has anyone heard of JL8 Its a great comic about the Justice league as children and not only is the art great but the writing is done really well. 
  • clausitclausit EnglandPosts: 7,809 ✭✭✭✭
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    XKCD, Sam and Fuzzy, Sequential Art, Abstruse goose, Looking For Group, VG Cats (when they update), Sunstone.

    I am also slightly ashamed to admit that I really like Original Life and Better Days, because the creator has some of the worst politics ever and that gets in the way, but I really like the characters and I think it's well written.
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  • Comic Who, Gunnerkrigg Court, Faceless Neil, and It Sucks to be Weegie. The best part is that Faceless Neil started out as an animation, has the web comic, and in in production to be a stop motion film. I've been waiting for months to hear progress on it.
  • saveartaxsaveartax Posts: 3
    I love webcomics, but some of my current favourites include Thunderpaw , Meaty Yogurt, and the comics of Emily Carroll.    

    Thunderpaw is an amazing gif comic adventure about two dogs at the end of the world.  Meaty Yogurt is about a young woman's struggle to escape mediocrity, it will make you want to start a punk band and make crafts all night.  Emily Carroll's comics are spooky and mysterious and are reminiscent of Homestuck in their attentiveness to the browser window.  
  • OlleOlle Posts: 289 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2013
    @saveartax Oh man, that's the person who did His Face All Red? I loved that thing when it came out. No idea she had a whole website full of these things, thanks! =D
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  • I can now add Homestuck to my list of favorite webcomics. It's so good, I can't even.
  • PresidentDogPresidentDog Havre de Grace, MDPosts: 21
    The only webcomic I read with any regularity is one an artist friend of mine does called Geeks Next Door. She's super-nice and I love her art style so I highly recommend checking out her work.
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  • TracyTracy Posts: 15
    I haven't read a ton of webcomics, but I've read and really like Homestuck and Nimona.
    I like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Nerdfighteria (obviously), Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Homestuck, Team Starkid, and... I think that just about covers all of my fandoms.
  • deltartdeltart Posts: 5
    Yes, Nimona is definitely one of my favorites.
    Here are some I think are REALLY good:
    Sfeer Theory - Great character designs and so much energy in the artist's style.
    The Fox Sister -The first two have the same artist, different writers. Incredible stories + relationships in both.
    Cucumber Quest - really cute style and witty dilemmas. Cliches are pretty much reworked or thrown out the window.
    Take Off - this here is probably one of my favorites. I don't know if it has a large readership though, I never see much comments.
    Willow Wood Starfall - amazing linework and very much like a fairytale.
    Best Friends Forever - a great sense of awkwardness.
    Conservatorium - about two musicians. Has great dialogue and atmosphere. For classical music fanatics.
    Ava's Demon - unique method of storytelling. You all probably know this one.

    I say Take Off and Conservatorium are the most underrated on this list.
  • clausitclausit EnglandPosts: 7,809 ✭✭✭✭
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    JL8 is fantastic. I have no idea why it took me so long to find out about it.
    You will come to a place where the streets are not marked. Some windows are lighted but mostly they're darked. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin. Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose? How much can you win?
  • whonutwhonut WalesPosts: 2
    Depressed Alien is quite good.

    I have a tumblr for it here.
  • ASillyPonyASillyPony Posts: 9
    No-one's mentioned Girl Genius yet? Steampunk, adventure, romance, MAD SCIENCE! what more could you ask for?
  • essessessess Posts: 3,851 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Camp Weedonwantcha is pretty funny and an easy read without a daunting backlog (yet). I blew through it a few months back in an afternoon.
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