Favourite webcomics?

Let's get a list going. 

My favourite ones would have to be FindChaos and Nimona

Both creators of FindChaos have Tumblrs (here and here), as does the author for Nimona (here - she draws kickass comics as well.)

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  • Okay, Dresden Codak, Homestuck, XKCD, Gunnerkrigg Court, Lackadaisy Cats, Fanboys, Pictures for Sad Children, Johnny Wander, Boxer Hockey, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, SUBNORMALITY, Nedroid, Bad Machinery, Helvetica., Power Nap, Dr. McNinja, amongst other things. Also, i am not super current on all of them. the higher on the list, the more current i am. 
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    XKCD, Weregeek, Cyanide and Happiness and Subnormality.
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    The only webcomic I really follow is Cyanide and Happiness. Seems like there are a lot of great ones posted here so far. I'm gonna have to check a few of them out.
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    To go through my list:
    A Softer World, Buttersafe, Cyanide and Happiness, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Gunnerkrigg Court, Questionable Content, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Amazing Super Powers, XKCD, Scenes From a Multiverse, Surviving the World, Toothpaste for Dinner, Awkward Zombie, Distillum, Sin Parase, This Is The Worst Idea You've Ever Had!, VG Cats, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Hark! A Vagrant and Happle Tea.

    To recommend just a few, This Is The Worst Idea You've Ever Had! is great, fairly unknown and about magic and mythology and monsters and all that set in a modern time (and Sin Parase is a prequel to it focusing on two of the really popular characters and how their relationship formed, the characters are actually popular enough to be taken over from another comic the author finished before starting on TWIYEH). Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is about a dude who runs a sort of clinic for excessively masculine/muscular video game characters aimed at reintroducing them into society. Happle Tea is a series of short, humourous comics about mythology, followed by almost a short essay of a description underneath each comic explaining the origins, culture significance, etc. of each monster/being/god/whatever.

    And also Homestuck, which you should've heard of by now. It's a comic that is sometimes a video game and sometimes an animation and has a soundtrack that includes a huge range of artists and has over 500 songs in it and recently raised several million dollars via kickstarter to make a video game based on it (once the comic is finished, which will be some time in 2013 given there's only act 7 (of 7 acts in total) to go).

    But yeah, it's over half a million words long and has a huge cast and a huge fanbase and one of the characters is the author (yes the author wrote himself into his own story, and then killed himself in his own story too and it worked brilliantly) and pretty much everyone dies and sometimes more than once and the starts is really hard to get into (took me about 3 tries) but once you push past that it's like rainbows and unicorns and wow PIZZZAA it's great go read it already
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    My absolute favorite Webcomic is Sam and Fuzzy.

    I also follow XKCD and MSPA/Homestuck, which have already been mentioned, and Gastrophobia and Broodhollow, which haven't. Broodhollow in particular is BRAND NEW so check it out.
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  • XKCD by far.
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    My favorite is Prague Race. I don't follow too many others.
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    xkcd and questionable content :)

    I also really like hark! a vagrant, but don't follow it regularly.

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    In the past I've enjoyed Axe Cop, PHD comics and Darth and Droids.
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    Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic is my all-time favorite webcomic. It's absolutely incredible. It's art style is very different and the comics aren't usually inked or colored, but the characters are brilliant and the story is stunning, funny, and heartbreaking. While every comic has a gag, the entire comic as a whole has a very well-developed and coherent world with amazing sprawling arcs. Casual sexuality here, so it's NSFW at times.

    The guy who writes and draws it also wrote and drew The Ten Doctors, a Doctor Who fancomic which is very good and all of you should go read. SFW. Now that The Ten Doctors has finished, he's written and drawn some other brilliant Doctor Who fancomics in his canon based on The Ten Doctors. There's a lot of crossover comics, with things ranging from animated TV to James Bond. Highly recommended.

    Thistil Mistil Kistil is a relatively unknown webcomic that is very good. Based off Norse mythology, the comic has incredible art and very charming characters. It's very new. SFW.

    The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon is very good. I mean, it's phenomenal. The story is quirky and charming, but it also has some really wonderful depth to it. The characters are amazing, and the story accelerates into a very violent but brilliant climax. Highly, highly recommended; the art is great as well. Read this comic. Seriously. SFW, but it gets a little gory later in the comic.

    I read a lot of webcomics, but these are my favorite.
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    I follow xkcd religiously. Other than that I enjoy OOTS, LFG, Goblins, Erfworld, and im getting in to Penny Arcade thanks to the recent Humble Bundle
    Hey! I go by Eyore (only one 'e'). I spend chatting in the awesome IRC the Nerdfighteria Network put up. I also like ALL the Sci-Fi and fantasy stuffs!
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    Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire is one of my favorites.
    Earthsong is also quite good.
    Grrl Power, despite it's name, is cute.
    Strays is interesting too.

    I'll add more later.
  • HildefyHildefy Posts: 10
    Questionable Content, Girls With Slingshots and Johnny Wander are the three webcomics I most follow. I like the first two because they're like soap opera's except way more awesome and not taking themselves too seriously but the storylines are nice. Johnny Wander is just fun anecdotes from the authors' lives :)
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    I am a huge David Willis fan. Joyce & Walky, Shortpacked!, and Dumbing of Age. Also read Sandra and Woo, xkcd, Buttersafe, Real Life Comics, and SMBC. Also used to read Sluggy Freelance, but it got to be too much to handle.

  • DemDem Posts: 2

    The Order of the Stick is great, especially if you're a D&D-player/fan! Only downside: after number 863, the comic stops all of the sudden. I don't know what has gotten into the author, but it truly, truly sucks. I'm stuck in the middle of the story! Still, you should read it, since it'll take you a few hours to reach comic 863. Perhaps the author will have added a few new comics by then (let's hope so!).

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    I follow xkcd (well, obviously, from my icon), Cyanide and Happiness, Surviving the World, and Cheer Up, Emo Kid
    Follow a bit VGCats and Super Effective too, but not regularly. 
  • katiefabkatiefab Posts: 31 Mod
    Here are two that haven't been mentioned yet:
    American Elf is a diary web comic that's been going since 1998! James Kochalka is the artist, and I love seeing how his life has changed since he first started making the comics.
    Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics) is all about life in grad school. I'm strangely obsessed with it, especially for someone who hasn't even gotten their bachelor's degree just yet.
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  • I used to have a whole bunch that I followed, but over time it has dwindled down to just a few. Girls with Slingshots is one of my favorites, along with Wondermark!, xkcd, and Nedroid

    And Homestuck, of course, if you can even call it just a webcomic.... 
  • So far haven't noticed my favorites listed, so I guess I'll go for it.
    Strays updates every Friday and is about a young wolf shapeshifter named Meela who makes friends with a mute bounty hunter, Feral. It's really cute and mysterious and still has a bit of action in there! So far, I haven't seen anything to make it mature, so I'd say it's a good read for all ages.
    Teahouse is a webcomic for the more mature reader (18 and up). Caution: it is primarily yaoi, so don't read it if you don't like BL. It has a really interesting plot, though, and I love the characters. It goes way more in-depth about the characters than a lot of yaoi series do. The art is GORGEOUS. And I love Sacha and his puffy coat! :3 Updates every Wednesday.
    A Broken Winter is a series about a world that has been colonized by Earth sometime in the future. The countries on that world are supposedly at war. It follows a boy from the time he's young to when he's a teen (currently) and the man who rescued him. The art is lovely and there are some serious bishies in it! XD There's some very graphic scenes though, so if you aren't a fan of blood and gore, not the comic for you. Also, it updates in chapters, so expect to wait months in between updates.
    Demon of the Underground is a fairly new webcomic that updates every Monday. It has just over a chapter now and so far is REALLY FUNNY. It sounds like it's going to be yaoi, but so far it's just been exposition. But it's mature, so yeah...18+. It's about an awkward, scrawny guy who falls into the underground, where all the worst criminals were put. He and his ferrret companion, Annie, brave the underground and try to get back to the surface and yadayada.

    Those are all my favorites, anyways. Hope some of you like them. I'd really recommend Strays for all readers! It's a great comic! And for anyone who doesn't mind/likes yaoi, Teahouse is the best!
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    I follow Darths and droids, Gunnerkrigg Court, Friendship is dragons (like Darths and droids but for Friendship is magic), One piece grand line 3 point 5 (like Darths and droids but for one piece), and Gunnerkrigg tabletop adventure (like the last two but for gunnerkrigg court), yeah I really like campaign comics.
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    Laugh-Out-Loud Cats! It's about these two hobo cats, living in the early 20th centry but talking and acting like they know modern internet memes and slang. Loads of fun.
  • sashlerysashlery Posts: 53
    I really enjoy Homestuck, although I'm, like, nowhere close to caught up and have honestly sort of given up on reading the actual comic.

    My all time favorite webcomic is Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. BUT I DO NOT SUGGEST READING IT, because you will get so into it, and so attached to the characters, and then suddenly you'll come to the last panel and realize it's been over a year since the last update and that it's been abandoned for a long time. Just thinking about it elicits an overwhelming emotional reaction and makes me want to cry.
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    I follow XKCD because it's wonderful, JL8, and GamerCat. They're all nerdy and wonderful and if I had more time, I'd probably have a much larger list.

    Oh, and I love Homestuck...but I don't know if you'd call it a webcomic exactly, but if you do: I would love to talk to you about the new update.
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  • random_fanrandom_fan Posts: 173
    How did I forget JL8, that is such an amazing webcomic, it's a shame most DC comics can't be that good.
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  • TARDISandSparklesTARDISandSparkles Posts: 59 ✭✭
    While not a necessarily the comic, kind of comic comic, I tend to lump this one in with all of my other favorite webcomics: Text From Dog
  • I dunno how nobody's mentioned this yet, but Sinfest is amazing. I also used to read 8-Bit Theater, but that's finished now. (1224 pages + Epilogue.) I'm also quite partial to xkcdsucks.
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  • thetimeladythetimelady Posts: 10
    Forever in love with Questionable Content, though I haven't had a chance to read it lately.
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    I'm amazed I haven't seen any Dinosaur Comics mentioned yet. Ryan North kills it 5 days a week, making it the most consistently entertaining comic on the web as far as I can tell. For any Back to the Future fans, he did a critical study of the novelization that I think is a must read.

    Also, for extra nerdy goodness, there's SMBC.
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    Okay, favorite is probably Achewood. Just 100% totally excellently written. But I wanted to come here to mention Forming, which I discovered yesterday! It's SO. GOOD.

  • salinedeesalinedee Posts: 28
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    Girls With Slingshots is the only one I read regularly and I find it absolutely spectacular! The characters are awesome and relatable, the storylines are fun and the style is great too! :D Highly recommended!
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