Le Olde Swindon Town

thebanana17thebanana17 Posts: 1
Im not sure how suitable a question this is for this section, but does anyone know where an american like me could watch real Swindon Town Robins games?  Is there like an internet site which would have the games livestreamed?  Id appreciate any help i can get.



  • un_beknownstun_beknownst Posts: 55 ✭✭
    Swindon Town is still in League One, and as such they're not shown on TV all too often (even in the UK). They show highlights of Swindon games on the Football League Show on BBC, so if you can find a way to watch shows on iPlayer you can catch highlights. Failing that, cheer for them from afar to get promoted to the Championship, where you *can* watch them in the US (on beIN Sports).
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