VidCon 2014 Roommate

KrisTheFoxKrisTheFox Posts: 1
Hi, my name is Kris, I am 29 and male (and homosexual, not that it should matter). I am a bit of an introvert, but this is my 3rd year going to VidCon. I'm trying to find someone to share the hotel room I booked. Was hoping to find a friend to go with me like I did last year, but no luck. So, I am opening up the search. I can afford the room myself, but if i don't have to it would be nice. I have the room booked for Wed 25(check in) to Mon 30(check out) since I've found registering early is easier and I'm going to Disney Day. Obviously if you only want to stay for part of that we can split only those night; any bit helps. Any questions feel free to ask.
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