2014 Seattle Seahawks. Chance for a repeat?

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First off let me preface this by saying that yes, I am a Seahawks fan, I was born and raised in Seattle and I've been going to Seahawks games since they played in the Kingdome. That being said, you don't have to be a fan to see that the Seahawks have made all of the right- and tough- decisions in this off-season, including scoring in the draft...Maybe.

Lets start with their offseason moves (or lack there of). At a glance it may appear as if the Seahawks had a rather lackluster offseason, they didn't sign any new big name players,and in fact they didn't sign very many new players at all. However, the focus was never on Seattle signing new players, they didn't need to. What they did need to do was keep their players; For the most part Seattle did this pretty well. With the exception of losing Golden Tate - which I'll talk about later- Seattle did an exceptional job at holding on to the talent that mattered; I have all the respect in the world for Red Bryant and Chris Clemons but the fact is Clemons was coming off of two years full of injuries and Red Bryant is old; it's business. I would much rather get rid of two aging -albeit skilled players- and ensure success for the future. In one offseason Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman were all signed to extended contracts. The very nucleus that makes the Seattle defense so dominant is now locked up in Seattle for the next four years, that alone would make a strong case for Seattle to repeat.As for Golden Tate I'm going to argue that while Golden is an athletic Slot receiver he does not make or break this receiving corps; if Percy Harvin can stay healthy (big if) then I have no doubt that Sydney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Jermain Kearse and Ricardo Lockett can carry their weight and produce. We know Percy can.BUT WAIT It gets better.

Talking about the Seattle Seahawks and the draft can be hard, as history has shown us the Seahawks are exceptional at getting talent from low round players: Russel Wilson: 3rd round,Richard Sherman: 5th round, Kam Chancellor: 5th round, Bobby Wagner: 2nd round. You get the point, they know how to coach their players. Thats why I am so excited for this year, because I don't really need to know who the Seahawks drafted. They know how to draft player sthat fit their team. In John Schneider we trust. 

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