New videos!!

sheepybeesheepybee NorwayPosts: 5
Anyone wants to squee over the new video with me?
I hope there are lots more planned :D


  • morriganmorrigan Posts: 2
    Aghgg! So amazing! Darcy!
  • rinnagirlrinnagirl AustraliaPosts: 3
    sqeeeeee!!!!! :)
  • amazingaileen13amazingaileen13 FloridaPosts: 12
    Even though I recently binge watched the series, I am so happy about the new videos.
    I really hope there are more videos (at least a couple) as they are quite enjoyable. I'm sure Dr.Gardiner's class has more questions.

    But yes, very much squeeeee (and feels of course)!
  • XenolillyXenolilly Posts: 44
    I'm  happy about them ,but Lizzie is so closed mouthed. I realize it is a character development/moral lesson in video blogging, but her fans want know about her and her new life! Goodness, I would have loved to hear about her company more so! (It's not all about Darcy.) Still beggars can't be choosers. I'm incredibly happy they did a few extra episodes.
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