Wimbly Wombly Season One Review

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Are you a hardcore fan of the wimbly womblys? Or maybe you are a new fan looking to get into the series. In either case I have just the thing for you!

 Over the past few weeks I have put together an ebook which combines all the great fan content from season one into one book. If you want to relive the glories of season one or want something that will help you get into the series this is the only place to find so much amazing wimbly wombly content in one place. 

Weighing in at 31MB this full colour book has 125 pages of content including every match report, 140 match images, fan art, fan fiction, quotes and other content all for the low, low price of completely free. Relive every moment of the glorious season as the team battle to promotion while picking up two cup trophies along the way.

The book comes in PDF form so you should be able to read it on your computer at home or put it on a tablet and take it out into the world with you. What better way to spend the summer on the beach than reading about your favourite fictional football team? (As I write this I can confirm that it is raining in England and the rain is not frozen so must be summer) You could even print out and make your own hard copy of the book if you were feeling adventurous! 

You can download the book here but if anyone has any better hosting options feel free to message me with them.


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    QED said:

    As I write this I can confirm that it is raining in England and the rain is not frozen so must be summer

    Wow! :O

    That is simply a stunning turn of events.

    That's amazing. They'll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight.
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