Books or E-books?



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    Paper books only
    While I've bought my share of dead tree books over the years, these days I consume audio books almost exclusively. I'm dyslexic, so they've caused me to 'read' a lot more now than I ever have in the past. On the rare occasion that I want a book that isn't available in audio, it go with e-books. I stopped buying any physical media a couple years ago. 
    Audio books are soo awesome! My blind teacher keeps up to date with book through audio books + when I cannot understand books (i.e. Huckleberry) audio books pronounce the way the book is suppose to be read as. Soo awesome... just soo awesome.
  • MndrewMndrew Posts: 5
    Other (please explain in a comment)
    E-books and Audio books.  I'm giving away my paper library slowly (that majority I can part with).  I now prefer my collection to be more portable and flexible.
  • Nicole_allisterNicole_allister VirginiaPosts: 2
    I use both. 

    I love holding the physical copy of a book. I love walking into the bookstore and walking out with a new stack. I love the feel of the pages. I also like having books on my shelves and they are like my trophies.

    However, if I bought a copy of all the books I read, I would have nowhere to sit. 

    I have a Kindle e-reader and a Kindle fire and they come in handy as well, if it's a book on sale or something I'm not quite sure that I will like. Or if I really need to read the last book in the Maze Runner series, but don't have any gas in my car to get to the store and there is NO WAY I can wait for it to come in the mail. (I live in a county with no bookstore)

    It really just depends but I would have to pick physical copies over e-books.
  • pavca_838pavca_838 Pilsen, Czech republicPosts: 5
    I like paper books more (for the feel), but lately I mostly read ebooks simply because it's easier, I don't have to carry heavy and bulky books on a trip/vacation or everywhere else... And also when I read in bed and my wife already sleeps it's less disturbing for her if I have tablet with brightness set to zero than to have the light on.
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    While I believe I initially said both, due to my reliance on a library for much of my reading (which obviously favors paper renditions) I am almost entirely a paper book guy.  I have yet to find the format for e-books that I enjoy and makes sense in a format perspective (I prefer for it to closely resemble a dead tree book in page numbering and font size and with the ability to identify pages by there number and not a percentage of completion).   Also library books are free and usually have what seekest thou so that is another bonus for library books.

    However, I may be an odd duck in that I usually don't reread books but I also enjoy keeping books that I enjoy, especially those that are significant in their field (kinda of a snob that way) so I will usually buy literature or a particularly good piece of non-fiction in paper if I like it enough.
  • QvothQvoth Nordrhine-Westfalia, GermanyPosts: 1
    Paper books only
    Although I do like ebooks, paper books feel better. You can cicle through the book quite nicely, can take a look at the end of the book (to look up some quotes) without any problems.
    The biggest plus is the smell of a book. You buy it, open it for the first time and smell. Sweet mother of chocolate, that smell!
    - Cheers, Qvoth
  • mssophiemacmssophiemac Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 13
    It depends. I will always buy the physical copy of an author that I love and know that I will read over and over again. I do however love ebooks as well because for a while I didn't have the space to have physical books and wasn't close to a library so I would download them on my ipad or kindle and read them that way. 

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    E-books only
    Goodness, I'm almost nervous to defend my stance as one who prefers ebooks (I may be the only one here who falls in that camp), but does no one else love the lightness of an ereader and how it allows one to easily read a heavy tome while lying down? Is nobody else enthralled with the fact that one can set their ereader down and have it stay perfectly flat and readable without an inevitable avalanche of pages? I suppose this may come from my lack of appreciation for the aesthetic appeal of my media (I'll gladly watch a movie on my laptop rather than go to the trouble of finding it for a tv), but I've never cared for how a book looks, and I find that a lot of the prettiest books are often the most unwieldy. Give me my portable ones and zeroes reading machine any day!
  • EvanNEvanN Lockport, NYPosts: 14
    E-books only
    I said E-Books; I prefer paper books, since reading out of them is a more enjoyable experience (they have texture, depth, a scent). That said, when you read a ridiculous amount, having ebooks is just easier; I was in the military, so moving around and toting around my books was always a pain. If the 500+ books I have on my kindle were also hard copies, I would have drowned in them. I sometimes wonder if my apartment will one day end up looking like The Paper's apartment in Read or Die.
  • MoundfreekMoundfreek Colorado SpringsPosts: 17
    I personally prefer books, but I'm very pro-ebook. Whatever get's people reading! And it saves trees!
    I am a professional ecologist with ulcerative colitis .... but am not Hank. Books and nerds are my favorite.
  • PresidentJokoPresidentJoko Seattle, WashingtonPosts: 23
    E-books only
    My fellow citizens, the way of the future has arrived!

    All jokes aside, I do prefer e-books for the sake of convenience. My iPhone contains a lot of good books from diverse authors. Hillary Clinton, Andrew Napolitano, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Franz Kafka (among many others) make an appearance on my shelf.
  • bananaboatbananaboat United StatesPosts: 5
    I love the feel of paper books and a bookstore is my favorite place to be, so I love to get physical copies. But a lot of times I feel really bad about sustainability and the destruction of forests, so I use e-books as much as possible.
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    Paper books only
    I 100% prefer real physical books that you can get paper cuts from and accidentally spill things on and leave in piles everywhere to trip over and smell and stuff. However, I do often pull up a pdf of the book I'm currently reading on my laptop so I can read it at school without people noticing/me having to lug the book around.
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    Other (please explain in a comment)
    I like physical of books, but when I'm on the go, e-readers are so much easier! Especially if I'm reading say, A Song of Ice & Fire, or some other massive book O_0
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    edited September 2017
    Well I think a distinction has to be made between ebooks that are self published and ebooks that go through a publisher. I mean, just about anyone can create an ebook nowadays, but I don't know if it's going to be good - caveat, that doesn't mean people shouldn't try, it just doesn't mean I'm always going to buy it.

    So yeah, I like ebooks, but I just feel that sometimes there's a bit too much flotsam drifting around Amazon that is barely disguised smut or an author's attempt at a first novel without too much honing. That being said, I'm not adverse to spending money on a decent paperback (eback?) that has good reviews.
    by TheTom
  • Both
    I enjoy both, I probably prefer physical books a bit more. Besides, there's nothing more welcoming then coming into my room after a long school day and seeing my beautiful color coded bookshelf. :)
  • TheTomTheTom Posts: 17
    Would anyone actually publish their own ebook? Interested to know if it's worth the effort. Some sites make it sound like it's a piece of cake:

    So maybe... if I could write something incredible, i should at least try on both formats. I just need to write something incredible first...
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