IDTIMWYTIM - suggestions!

thought there should be a place nerdfighters could suggest and (or?) request "I Dont Think It Means What You Think It Means" episodes.

 personally i'd like to see episodes on: 
acronyms (vs abbreviations) 
the word "theory"
"survival of the fittest"


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    Have they done "Quantum" yet? I see that word getting misused a lot.

    I 100% agree with "Theory".
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    I really like IDTIMWYTIM, and I think it could even have a place outside of SciShow - there could be a mini-Crash Course-course with common misunderstandings in all fields.
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    Animals: Lemmings (suicidal), Bats (blind), Daddy Long Legs (poisonous), wait this is sounding familiar, no yeah C.G.P. Grey totally already did this...

    Glass: the whole glass being some kind of high-viscosity or supercooled liquid, that one has come up in conversation before, even with some scientifically fluent people who cite old European churches with windows that are thicker at the bottom as evidence.

    Pool parties: wait 30 minutes after eating before going into the pool? 15 minutes? an hour? or how about zero minutes because that rule was made by parents who didn't want their kids puking in the pool (I'm just guessing).

    Instinctive Drowning Response: I was a lifeguard, and a lot of people thought I was bad because a lot of kids trolled me with "obvious" signs of drowning (according to their parents). However, if the kids actually were drowning (and not 4 feet tall and conscious in 2 feet deep water) it would be unusual for them to be yelling for help, like every drowning person in every movie ever is depicted as doing.

    More than 5 senses: I am tired of explaining proprioception to people (that's a lie, I love explaining it to people, but you're way better at explaining things @Hank ). Oh, well BBCWorldWide has one called "How many senses do you have?", but I think we need a more scientific explanation, yeah?
    Wow. I am seriously impressed. You've obviously been thinking about this a lot! Where did you come up with all these ideas?!

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    ( @bexinterrobang I am glad I happened to click back because I did not get a notification of your post.)
    Oh, so I've been on the wrong side of some of these arguments before, so it really sunk in when I got schooled (I don't want to admit how many people I misinformed about the awesomeness that is glass as a supercooled liquid). The pool-related stuff was from lifeguarding, so every time I see someone drowning on TV, in a movie, etc. I think about that stuff. The more-than-5-senses thing came from a class I took last autumn called Mind & Brain, when we discussed some neurological disorders like Phantom Limb Syndrome (proprioception-related), hallucinated pain (nociception-related), and a lot more that I do not remember, oh, agnosia (related to sense of self-image??? I sort of made that up). Yeah, that class was a while ago.

    I felt silly when I remembered the C.G.P. Grey and BBCWorldWide videos, but felt like leaving those ones up. There's also a really funny Wikipedia page that Hank might want to check on every so often for ideas:

    Oh yeah, and thanks! I always look for ways to make up for all of the misinformation I've spread. I'm not the best at validating sources when it's someone saying, "Hey, did you know..."
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  • I would be thrilled to see episodes on all above, but would also like to add osmosis to the IDTTMWYTIM list.
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    Initialisms .. people mix them up with acronyms and I find it a little bit annoying. 
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    @thisisjackolanternCool ideas. First things first, though: agnosia deals with (funnily enough) problems with smell/olfaction.
    But yea, I definitely think an episode on senses is needed. There are far more than people think there are. Proprioception is the one of the well-known but not really well known ones. We a have many that we don't even think about such as our ability to feel temperatures (if you argue that this falls under touch, I will argue that you don't need to touch something to feel that it is hot.) 
    Pain is also super interesting, because sometimes it seems like a sense and sometimes it doesn't. 

    Last, although it wouldn't amount to much, an episode on taste would be great. Far too many people thing there is a "taste"-otopic map on your tongue. Although we're not entirely sure on the nervous connection configurations, we do know that tastes aren't isolated from each other on different portions of the tongue. There is a lot of overlaps. (By the way, I'm a neuroscience student, in case anyone wanted my sources)

    An episode on the difference between radiation and radioactive. 

    Perhaps an episode where nuclear devices are explained to dissipate some of the fear that it evokes. 

    In line with what @Iamdimpho said, basically one where evolution is properly explained with "descent with modification" rather than the incorrect and clichéd "survival of the fittest."

    Also maybe a show on physics terms people aften confuse: mass/weight, gravity/gravitational force.

    Also, something that I had a misconception about previously: when things hit our atmosphere (read: meteors) they burn up because they compress the air in front of them, NOT because of drag/air friction.
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    Mathematically speaking, a color is neither a frequency (that's a monochromatic color) nor a set of frequencies (I think you earthlings call this a frequency spectrum), but a set of sets of frequencies. More precisely an equivalence class of sets of frequencies, where two sets of frequencies are equivalent iff the average muggle earthling eye can't distinguish them. (I specified "muggle" because of octarine.) For example, the set {monochromatic yellow} is equivalent to the set {monochromatic green, monocmonochromatic romous red}. Both belong to the color "yellow".
  • ZoggFromBetelgeuseZoggFromBetelgeuse Posts: 59 ✭✭
    "North Magnetic Pole" and "South Magnetic Pole", for three reasons:
    1. The North Magnetic Pole is what you earthlings would call "South Magnetic Pole" in a magnet, and vice versa. In other words, if one would paint the north pole of all magnets red, Antactica would be covered in red paint.
    2. The two magnetic poles are not the same as the two geomagnetic poles
    3. Despite their name, none of the four is actually Polish.
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    When Brian Greene says time can go backwards, is that really true?
  • JasmineSkunkJasmineSkunk South Bend, IndianaPosts: 92 ✭✭

    It seems to me A LOT of people seem to have no idea what "evolution" actually means. It should somehow be mentioned in the episode that it is NOT at war with anyone's religion. Or maybe just an episode on "science", in general.  What science is and what science does for us, should be covered. People need to understand (IMHO) that "science" is a system of discovery and not something that requires faith or belief.
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    Glass: the whole glass being some kind of high-viscosity or supercooled liquid, that one has come up in conversation before, even with some scientifically fluent people who cite old European churches with windows that are thicker at the bottom as evidence.

    <insert> QI SIREN </insert>


    Glass isn't a liquid because once it has cooled. It does not flow at all.

    Old European churches have thicker glass at the bottom not because the glass has somehow flowed over the centuries but owing to the fact that older techniques of making plate glass resulted in a thicker edge whilst they were being hung and still in the "plastic" phase.
    The thicker part of the glass was installed at the bottom to ensure stability of the window.

    Modern Plate Glass is floated on liquid mercury and all of the windows that are installed today, will prove in the year 2513 that glass does not flow.
    I cite Liverpool Cathedral and the fact that they were still making plate glass in the old fashioned way, specifically for installation in that building. Glass installed in the late 1990s in that building is thicker at the bottom which is patently idiotic if you want to cite it as an example. 
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    I really like the ideas about theory and evolution. I also would like to see Exponentially vs. Geometrically.

  • OlleOlle Posts: 289 ✭✭✭
    Not sure if it fits under IDTIMWYTIM, but a thorough explanation of the most commonly used definitions of the word "species" might be helpful (biological; phylogenetic; morphological).
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  • SANTA_ATE_CHICAGOSANTA_ATE_CHICAGO PennsylvaniaPosts: 2,669 ✭✭✭
    Kruglord said:
    Have they done "Quantum" yet? I see that word getting misused a lot.

    I 100% agree with "Theory".
    The problem is theory has a different meaning in science than elsewhere. I science a theory is something that is nearly 100% proven. Outside of science a theory is just something you think might be true, which in science is more of a hypothesis
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