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    I would love to see a Crash Course Philosophy.  

    Sure, it's a huge field, but so is literature.  You solve it in the same way: picking a handful of topics to focus on, by identifying what people most need to know for this subject to influence their lives.  From there, if you've done a good job of explaining how it's relevant, curiosity will take them deeper. 
  • Crashcourse philosophy would be much appreciated! I know plenty of people who would appreciate it too
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    If CC Philosophy were to become a thing, I'd see it being something akin to how CC Literature was made. John picks a book, summarizes it, and then gives an analysis. These as well would take a couple episodes per subject.
    Like literature, there's more than plenty of ideas, books, and thinkers to choose from. I'd imagine dividing the season based on of those three things I mentioned would also be part of the format.
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    An explanation of the topics covered in this would be a good starting point: (What Do Philosophers Believe? by David Bourget and David J. Chalmers)

    I don't think it is useful to discuss all the philosophers or even the history, just cover the main beliefs/arguments held today. I don't think the history is the most important take away, it is the thoughts that are important. 
  • I'm from Ireland and I'm actually part of the first philosophy class taught in an Irish school. Its first years only ( American equivalent is 7th grade). This is our website, and it might give some inspiration for the course. A lot is written by 13 year olds though so bear with it.
  • IT HAS BEEN DONE! I am so glad that this Crash Course has finally been established, and I look forward to everything it has to offer. I don't know if this thread had anything to do with it, but regardless, this is a wonderful thing.
  • I just finished CC: Philosophy... I think all of you from 3 years ago are going to enjoy it!!!
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