Suggestion: Holocene Extinction

SciShow and other vlogbrothers related channels have often mentioned the current biodiversity crisis (holocene extinction) in the context of the harm that humans do to the planet. However, to my knowledge there hasn't been a video yet produced devoted to that particular topic. I don't think most people understand just how serious the situation is.

A short list of possible discussion points:
  1. The monetary value of biodiversity (pharmaceuticals, genetic diversity, untapped food sources, raw materials, and the services [e.g., pollination] provided]
  2. The aesthetic value of biodiversity
  3. Estimates of biodiversity
  4. Past extinctions and the time required for diversity to fully recover (millions of years)
  5. Estimates of extinction rates (before H. sapiens and present rates)
  6. IUCN Redlist and biodiversity hotspots around the world, as well as the current conditions of those hotspots


  • OlleOlle Posts: 289 ✭✭✭
    Excellent suggestion! Also an excellent opportunity for a philosophical discussion of whether mass extinctions should be considered a natural part of the cycle of life (and, consequently, whether humanity should feel bad about essentially being walking, talking KT meteors).
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  • RegalPlatypusRegalPlatypus Syracuse, NYPosts: 2
    Thank you, Olle!

    To jumpstart that discussion, I'd suggest that although extinction events are a natural part of life on Earth, this is the first time that a sentient entity has knowingly caused such an extinction. The meteor that killed the dinosaurs wasn't likely to have a change of heart and veer off into space. Because we realize the danger in what we're doing yet continue to do it, yes, I'd suggest that we as a species should feel pretty bad.
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