US History #46 - Terrorism, War, & Bush

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wow, did anyone watch this yet? Solid episode, but holy crap the comments section is like a freaking minefield. So much for people having a civil conversation about politics....
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    Two points of note here:

    1. For a lot of people, Bush 43's presidency will be the first that they cared about because they were finally old enough to. Assuming that people begin to take an interest in politics at about age 16, then this would be true for people born post 1984.

    2. If you live in the green bits which are not America, going to war on the premise of a lie and spending our money for an American cause is a bit much to take.
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    Actually, I think most of the crazy comments were in regards to John not saying 9/11 was an inside job. I mean, if that's what someone believes and thinks it should be discussed, that's fine, but the way some people were saying it was ridiculous. I know youtube is overloaded with trolls, but holy crap.
    "The only way out is through." -Frost
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