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I have been upon the earth for three and a decades and was born in the Inter-Greenium period, 2 JE and 2BH (2 John Era and 2 Before Hank), and so I remember Ronald Reagan as President.
I also remember the events of 23 years ago when George HW Bush (41) announced that if Saddam did not remove forces before the January 16 deadline, then there would be war.  (I was 12). I remember (although it seems really foolish now) being really scared as that was the first time I suppose that war actually meant something instead of just being in a history book ( I was probably too young to appreciated that about the Falklands).
This leads me to some rather strange thoughts. I remember speaking to my granddad who in turn remembered speaking to his granddad who remembered when Queen Victoria was coronated. Also, as we come up to the centenary of WW1, I very much doubt that there's anyone left on the planet who is still alive, who actually fought in it.
It made me think about the difference between history as recorded and history as remembered. History can only be recorded retrospectively; hence, to a degree it relies on memory, yet it can be coloured and recoloured by different interpretation. History as memory though is a slightly different animal and is coloured as it goes.

What of these last few episodes? I'm also reminded of Seller & Yeatman's book 1066 And All That which ends "America was thus clearly Top Nation, and history came to a ."
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