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I'm guessing there's some other snowboarders on here. I'm pretty new to it. My brother got me hooked last year. I just bought a board over the summer. We went out for the first time this season on saturday. I am SORE. I need to remember to stretch...

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  • AmandaJayGatsbyAmandaJayGatsby CanadaPosts: 6
    Stretching is super important with skiing and snowboarding alike.  I personally LOVE to snowboard but even though I live but a few minuets from a ski resort I can't find the time to go anymore :(
  • turdl38turdl38 Posts: 976 ✭✭✭✭
    Never been boarding, but would like to try some day when I'm actually healthy enough again.  Really enjoy watching all the board events in the olympics, x-games, etc
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