Taiwan anyone???

MelodyyMelodyy Posts: 1
Any nerdfighters in Taiwan? :D We should meet up!


  • smallthetalksmallthetalk Posts: 2
    I'll be in Taipeh from Mid-August till Februrary :D
  • coreysomethingcoreysomething Taipei, TaiwanPosts: 9
    Let's revive this thread.

    Having recently moved to New Taipei City, Taiwan, I don't have many friends here. If you're in the neighborhood, say 'hi!'

    "Seek simplicity, and distrust it."

    -A. N. Whitehead
  • travelingredfoxtravelingredfox Taipei, TaiwanPosts: 1
    Hi, I have been living in Taipei City, working in New Taipei City for just over a year. If anyone is out there, I'm here! :)
    Have passport with blank pages... will travel!
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