Really, You Messed Up the Apollo Lander?

The way I saw it, it was just Michael Collins' view of the lander's retrograde burn.

Think about it.


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    Whoa, now there's a weird thought.

    The pair of astronauts on the lunar surface were always relatively close to one another but the guy in the CM all alone by himself in space was really alone. One of those six chaps must hold the record from being the furthest distance from any other human being in history.
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    Vsauce made that same observation some time ago: 

    It's interesting, recently I've heard an awful lot more about Michael Collins than either of his teammates.  It's like people who know who he is feel how unjust it is that he's been forgotten in the mainstream and they're trying to rectify it.
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    When I saw this at first I thought you meant Rory Pond in The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.
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