Should the Wimbly-Womblys stay at Professional skill level?

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Due to the Wimbly-Womblys almost too easy winning streak, John went up a skill level under pressure from us, the fans. Now, in Professional skill level, they had a 2-2 draw. The Swoodilpoopers started much the same way, and we know how that turned out. I, however, am of the opinion that John will do fine, just so long as he doesn't go up another skill level until he stays at the top of the league next season for at least 10 games, so I say, for now, stay at Professional skill level. But what does Nerdfighteria think?

Should the Wimbly-Womblys stay at Professional skill level or go back down to Semi-pro? 7 votes

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    Uhm..this question is actually asking two it's actually not clear as a yes-no question. This might work better if the choices were semi-pro or professional...
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    I'd say stay at Professional for the time being. Makes things interesting. He can always switch back if he needs to- like if he has a bad run of form or has to play Premier League opposition. (I believe he played his Capital One Cup tie against Spurs on Semi-Pro and still lost.)

    I mean, ultimately FIFA is a tool he's using to tell a story. Whether he stays at Pro or goes down to Semi-Pro will probably come down to what kind of story he wants to tell next.
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    I'm with un_beknownst on this one: stay at Professional as it keeps things interesting, and because there's always the option to drop back down if need be.
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    I should also mention that there are some options in between. FIFA allows you to tweak some in-game variables- things like shot power, first touch accuracy, pass error rate, shot error rate, etc. These are available for both the user and the CPU.

    I find this is useful because I don't like how FIFA scales difficulty by default. I've found that when I went from Semi-Pro to Professional in FIFA 14, instead of making the CPU-controlled teams better, the game made my players worse. All of a sudden my attackers couldn't hold on to the ball, they couldn't outrun their attackers (my version of Bald John Green is an 88 skill level and is crazy fast, yet was getting easily overtaken by 60-skill-level center halves), and passes went astray much more often. My players also tended to make bad decisions more often, like passing to the opposition or (and this is my favorite) running AWAY from an attacker who's running on toward's goal. By tweaking those variables- and you don't need to do much in the way of tweaking- you can make it a bit more fair. (You can also have it so you're thumping Barcelona on Legendary, I suppose.)
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    If we win this season undefeated, I recommend moving up a level, since being undefeated is bordering on a bit boring. I have no doubts that the Womblies will move up a league this season, probably next too since we could have 4-5 losses straight and still be in first now.
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