Advice for Organizing Local Nerdfighter Gatherings?

The discussion title pretty much says it all.  I've never organized a NF event before, but I'm interested in doing so.  All ideas welcome :)


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    Make sure you know what the people you're meeting look like, have a very small area to meet, and have a way to contact others if you can't find them :) 
  • What sort of activities do you do?
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    I just organized my first event a few weeks ago. It hasn't actually happened yet, but hopefully everything will work out well! We're going to be meeting at/exploring a newly-opened museum and then going somewhere to eat.

    If you have other people who are interested in going (like before making the event I posted in my local nf facebook group to see if there was interest), I'd suggest talking to them to see what types of activities they'd be interested and what days or times would work for them.

    Things that are free or very little cost work best. Game or craft nights, nature exploring, going out to lunch, the zoo, etc. Sometimes it's easier to plan to meet before or after an already existing event like a concert.

    The main thing I would suggest is to make sure there are people who say they can go to the event before you make it! Posting a thread on here with tentative details and times or in your local nerdfighter group on facebook, if you have one, really helps coordinate things and will allow everyone to work together to come up with an event that will work best for everyone.
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    In the Boston Nerdfighter group some of our gatherings will be actual events that we go to like a concert or ice skating or the movies but most of our gatherings, and our best attended ones, are when we just get together and hang out. If it is nice out we meet in the park and if not food courts are really good hang out spots. Going around in a circle and having people do ice breaker question is a good way to get people talking (we've got a big beach ball with questions written on it that we throw around if there are a lot of new people) and good outdoor games are tag or ninja and inside apples to apples, 20 questions, a card game or something, also going to bookstores and leaving nerdfighter notes or getting food, having sing alongs. And we always have fun just sitting around and talking to fellow denizens of the internet if nothing else! 

    Hope I could be of some help and the gathering goes well!
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    This is great stuff. There have been two Big B(ay) A(rea) N(erdfighter) G(atherings), in the last 12 months, and have been way fun.  Increasing the visiblity of the events is important, for that you want targetted messages, that won't be irrelevant for a lot of the readers, so haveing "NerdFighters By County" information can be very useful in planning. I look forward to reading more. must zzz.  -=DaveBo (SirRealist)  Thanks for the great ideas.
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    Oh, and what we did: was plan to see a movie, meet. do introductions, and what you are enjoying now, then we played some ninja, (at another meetup we traded  logic puzzles and enjoyed slides, and traded munchies), and generally just talked and enjoyed each others company... games events have been talked about, but haven't seen one yet.  We saw "Hugo" in 3d (that's the title right?).. was good. Then dinner. was grand.
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    Going around in a circle and having people do ice breaker question.
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    I would like to further develop Grilled Cheese Theory, and would appreciate you bright folks' input on the matter.
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