A Note on the Use of This Sub-Forum

LukeLuke Resident Spam CleanerDublinPosts: 7,881 Admin
Hey everyone, 
We at Our Pants are very relaxed about things. We have a great community and so we don't need to crack down on things, so I want you all to understand that this isn't a demand, and more of a request.

Rules and Support isn't for every little issue you're having in your life. Here we usually deal with problems relating to the Our Pants website itself and it makes it easier for everyone if that's all it's used for. Have trouble with sending messages? Post it in this forum. Want to know more about points or badges? Yep, that's cool. Trying to teach your hamster to backflip? That should probably go somewhere else.

If you've had a thread moved from here that's usually the reason. It's not a punishment, and we very rarely take note of your usernames..we all make mistakes right?

On your end, however, this usually exposes you to more answers. R&S isn't visited often so it's hard to get a good discussion going. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all, but please do keep your hamster gymnastics out of Rules and Support :)



  • shaileeshailee Sri LankaPosts: 233 ✭✭✭
    I think everyone is posting in Rules and Support because its the default category when posting a new discussion. So I guess, the issue is that they actually don't notice, and thus, don't change the category they are posting under
  • VickiVicki Posts: 2,926 ✭✭✭✭
    I think one of the reasons this might have happened/ be happening is that people see the word "Support" and assume it means emotional support ... 
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  • LukeLuke Resident Spam Cleaner DublinPosts: 7,881 Admin
    I personally think it's what Vicki said too, and I completely understand why.

    The first one is also possible but most people who've used forums before will be used to going into a category before being given the option to post
  • cazortcazort Jenkintown, PAPosts: 194 ✭✭✭

    Vicki said:
    I think one of the reasons this might have happened/ be happening is that people see the word "Support" and assume it means emotional support ... 
    I can actually totally understand this too.  I think renaming it "Rules and Technical Support" would solve this problem.

    I think @shailee also raised a valid concern though.  I wouldn't assume that everyone posting here is familiar with forums, and each forum works differently...I can see people being drawn in who are so excited about participating in the community, that they overlook something like this.  I think that making "General Discussion" the default category might also address this problem.

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