Wait... I've heard that voice from somewhere!

Emmagrace12Emmagrace12 Hogwarts with the Weasley twinsPosts: 5
So, in my high school health class the other day, the teacher was having some of us review a video on addiction. He put the speakers on low volume so the noise wouldn't disturb the rest of us who were finishing the class work. Then I heard it, Hank Green's voice! Yesterday he showed the video to our class and I had to restrain myself from doing my happy dance in class.

Have any of you seen Hank's videos in school?


  • MadietheNerdMadietheNerd UnspecifiedPosts: 10
    Of course! I actually found the Vlogbrothers after subscribing to Scishow.
  • RoopaliRoopali IndiaPosts: 14
    Emmagrace 12 you're lucky. The school I go to mainly focuses on just getting the students to pass the exams set by the education board. No additional knowledge. Also, most of the 'other' students are stupid.
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