Do you think shark finning should be illegal worldwide?

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Shark finning is a process where fishermen haul in live sharks and cut off their fins and throw their being, alive back into the sea. these sharks suffocate because of their in inability to filter oxygen through their gills. Most species are decimated to a point of almost no return. Within the next 2 decades sharks could be gone forever because of this practice.

Do you think shark finning should be illegal worldwide? 7 votes

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I am not aware
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Not too much of a bother to me...


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    Shark finning is evil. Sharks have been around for millions of years and we are ruthlessly killing them. They are a huge part of the oceans ecosystems and without them bad long term effects may occur to a magnitude we are not yet aware of. Shark fins also do not taste of anything and are supplemented by chicken. The rest of the shark is not considered valuable enough so they throw them back into the sea alive and finless. This was my chosen subject to do a speech on at school a few years back and I am very passionate about it!
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