Nerdfighter trip to Wimbledon?

Greetings, fellow Wimbly-Wombly fans!
So I'm gonna be back home in London over the christmas holidays and I was wondering if any London-based nerdfighters would be up for joining me to go see AFC Wimbledon play? I reckon it would be great to convert some of the virtual support of the Wimbly-Wombly fan community into physical support for the Dons and also a good opportunity to meet up with fellow nerdfighters :) 
The home games I can make would be vs Plymouth on the 29th December and vs Torquay on the 11th January. The 29th would be better but I'm open to persuasion. Tickets are £5-10. Anyone in?


  • un_beknownstun_beknownst Posts: 55 ✭✭
    I'll be there in spirit! (I'm in the States and don't have a passport or money, so I must live vicariously through you.) Please take pics (and video if you can) and post! And SING!
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