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Hey guys! I'm trying to start a nerdfighter club at my high school. Has anyone started a nerdfighter club at their school or is part of one? If so, any information about it would be super helpful. DFTBA


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    Hi, I'm part of a pretty successful high school nerdfighter club. It wasn't successful at first, but after three years I think the group has about 20-30 members. We meet once a week before school and discuss a variety of topics. Right now we're talking about animation and sharing our favorite videos. In the past we've done an Ender's Game book club, a Monty Python-athon movie event, and Project for Awesome. We're hoping to do the Hungry Games this year too. Hope this helps.
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    This may be a year old thread, but I've been wanting to create a Nerdfighter(ia?) Club at my high school as well!! I go to a pre-medical high school, so they'll be plenty of nerds that I could recruit! It's second semester of my sophomore year already, so I'll have to get to it in Junior year.
    My vision is that I introduce the concept of Nerdfighteria to as many students as possible. With the popularity of Crash Course, Sci Show, and John Green, I don't think it'd be too daunting of a task. Plus, my school currently has a Humanitarian Club, so it'd be possible to work closely with that club to decrease worldsuck together. 
    However, some problems that deterred me from proposing the idea to administration. Firstly, since we do already have a Humanitarian Club and a Gender Studies Club and a Gay-Straight Alliance Club (all things that Nerdfighteria is concerned with), I was unsure as to how I could explain the uniqueness of Nerdfighteria, and just like, what this club could bring to the table. Like, what would we even do?
    Ideas that come to mind now, I guess, are maybe discussions on current events? Kinda like Veritatem's club. Like, maybe we could have bi-monthly meetings, and sometimes each person could bring some sort of current event and/or issue and we could discuss it in a nice manner. Nerdfighteria, as well as being awesome and decreasing worldsuck, must be a safe place where people can share their opinions and discuss, and this would be an AWESOME idea, I think. 
    Orrr, like, one week is current issues week, and another is fandom week, another is hang out on tumblr/Our Pants week, another is Crash Course Marathon, or even just like, bring your study material and lets work together with all these people that are enthusiastic about working hard and learning!! It'll be an incredibly versatile club. Holy crap, why didn't I brainstorm earlier?!?!? Welp, I'm definitely doing this now. For freaking sure. Maybe we can even do P4A Videos together!! I'm so excited now. I have a WHAP essay due by midnight tonight, and all I want to do is brainstorm and expand this idea. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!
    Alright, goodbye now :)

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