The AFC Wimbly Wombly team needs nicknames!



  • I'm a big fan of some of the nicknames that have already been suggested:

    Buckminster Fuller

    Lizzie Bennet (related to Other John Green or his female alternative universe self)

    Some Moore and Lots Moore, the only father-son duo in English football

    My contribution:

    Caroline Kennedy - she comes with her own song!
  • AlexbrainboxAlexbrainbox Posts: 3
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    P Sweeney - Peeny Sweeney

    S. Moore and L. Moore - Some Moore and Lots Moore, as said above

    B. Fuller - Buckminster Fuller, again fantastic (buckminsterfullerene a molecule described as "football" shaped)

    A. Bennett - Alan Bennett. Always gotta have a playwright on the team
    by Alexbrainbox
  • MooMilkishMooMilkish Posts: 3
    J. Midson impossible, and his song could be:

    J J J Midson,
    J J J Midson,
    Scored a goal,
    Scored a goal,
    We love J J J Midson!

    To the tune of the mission impossible theme, or something like that!
  • WingspanTNRWingspanTNR Iowa, USPosts: 116 ✭✭

    A. Worner's (the keeper) real name could be Arther Worner then we could call him Arthur "Arthworm" Worner. A. Frampton's (lot of As on the Wimbly-Womblies (is a sentence which requires a ton of context)) real name could be Arsenio Frampton and we could nickname him Arson because he's always on fire. B. Fuller could be Barry "Bonk" Fuller, known for his headers. The Moores could be twins Large and Small Moore who would be great friends with One Size Fitz Hall, who should be bought for the team. In fact the Moore's could have gotten into football because they were inspired by One Size Fitz Hall. (Great fanfic idea!) Then P. Sweeney could be Percy "Plain" Sweeney who doesn't care for fancy moves, he just kicks it in and doesn't screw around. Y. Bamba John has already named (Ya Ya Bamba). And it must be said, Leroy Williamson must be bought for the Wimbly Womblies. It's just not worth it if there's no chance that we can't hear John sing The Occasional Scorer's song. Speaking of which: "He is strong, he digs in, nothing can get past him, Arthworm Worner, Arthworm Worner" (Sung a bit slower than the traditional chant I hope, I'll post a video later), "He adds fuel, he is a fighter, he's eternally on fire, Arson Frampton, Arson Frampton", "His head is strong, his legs are long, he'll always have this song, Bonk Fuller, Bonk Fuller", "They are big they are small, they love One Size Fitz Hall, Large and Small Moore, Large and Small Moore" "He sticks, he kicks, he takes none of it, Plain Sweeney, Plain Sweeney" "He needs no song, nothing about him is wrong, Ya Ya Bamba, Ya Ya Bamba" (I'll demonstrate the songs later, right now I must record video but vote up if you like my ideas so far.

    It'll be up tomorrow. That is a promise.
    As promised: Hope you like them. 
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    Virgil Ellbogen (Ellbogen meaning Elbow in German)...Do It! Dooo Ittt!!! What's that Mr. Green? Why did I pick that name? Im so glad you asked! I have derived said name from my two heroes in this life: my papa (grandpa-not dad), and my beautiful two year old daughter...Plus, it truly rolls off the tongue! Just sayin'!
  • The Moore the merrier
  • Francombstein
  • sundaii93sundaii93 Posts: 1
    Walt Sidney
    Grizzly Bearington
    Tom A. Toe

  • SanSan Posts: 3
    Simply: S'moor.
  • 1 R. Worner - R. Worner gonna take that Corner (kick)
    2 B. Fuller - Glass half Fuller 
    3 C. Kennedy - C. Kennedy is the remmedy for this slump
    4 P. Sweeney - P. Sweeney; Wallaby Way, Sidney
    5 A. Frampton - A. Framphamptonbergshire
    6 A. Bennett - A. miss Bennett, a miss Bennett, a miss Bennett, and... a miss Bennett 
    7 G. Francomb - G. Fran"fine-toothed"comb bringing the ball home (Because he's very thorough)
    8 S. Moore - S'Moore or So Much Moore
    10 J. Midson - Mid-sized Midson
    11 L. Moore - Little Moore or Less is Moore
    16 K. Sainte-Luce - St. Lucius Malfoy
    18 C. Sheringham - Caring is Sharing Ham (like sharing is caring)  
    21 G. Porter - Gary Porter, Harry Potter's cousin to the East 
    22 S. Brown - S. Brown likes to get down (because he has a strong affinity for dancing)
    24 R. Weston - R. Weston cought y'all restin' (and subsequently scored a goal)
    32 Y. Bamba - Yalalalalala Bamba
  • shawkingshawking Posts: 1
    S. Moore- s'more
  • 1 Ross "Warning" Worner
    6 Alan "Bend It Like" Bennett
    8 Sammy "Scores" Moore
    21 Georges Porter "Starboard"
  • JZGJZG Posts: 3
    B. Fuller is Buckminster Fuller, brilliant architect and inventor of the geodesic dome.
  • JZGJZG Posts: 3
    Also C. Kennedy is JFK's long-lost cousin, and A. Bennett is Other John Green's brother.
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    8 S. Moore - Sam Moore (Would you like to win "Sam Moore"?)
    10 J. Midson - James "Center Midfield" Midson, bringing home the bank like James Madison
    11 L. Moore - Little Moore (Bringing a "Little Moore" awesome into everyone's heart and soul)
    16 K. Sainte-Luce - Sainte-Lucifer, A saint in public, the Devil on the field. Although, this might get very controversial lol.....or 'Kuz Sainte-Luce,....Just 'cause Sainte-Luce
    18 C. Sheringham - Sheringham-I-am
    21 G. Porter - Garry "Roflcopter" Porter, PorterCopter, TelePorter
    22 S. Brown - Sugar Brown, or Brown Sugar...or Shawny JaBrowni....or Super Browny for bronies out there
    24 R. Weston - Ron Weasley Weston, or Ron "Wild West" Weston
    by Napoleonicus
  • Benedict Womblybatch
    Tom and/or Colin Baker
    Albus Wombledore
  • P Sweeney--> "Sweeney Todd, Demon Goal Scorer of Fleet Street"
    Also, I concur with Weirdfishhh's "R Worner Chilcot-- You just got Worner Chilcotted"
  • SteveSteve Posts: 1
    6. A. Bennett - Br. Bennett Other John Green's brother who is also a monk
    10. J. Midson - Midfield Midson
    11. L. Moore - Leslie Moore Les is Moore

  • popsingzpopsingz Posts: 1
    Rosianna said:
    1 R. Worner
    2 B. Fuller
    3 C. Kennedy
    4 P. Sweeney
    5 A. Frampton
    6 A. Bennett
    7 G. Francomb
    8 S. Moore
    10 J. Midson
    11 L. Moore
    16 K. Sainte-Luce
    18 C. Sheringham
    21 G. Porter
    22 S. Brown
    24 R. Weston
    32 Y. Bamba
    I like these names you've made.  Here are a couple more to add in to the pile:
    Ross [Final Warning] Worner
    Barry [The Brushman] Fuller 
    Callum [Call me!] Kennedy  -- Former Swindon Towner
    Peter [Stinky Pete] Sweeney  -- wears same socks all season
    Andy [Alive comes] Frampton
    Alan [kiss me I'm Irish] Bennet  -- He's a Corker
    Georgie [Puddin' n Pie] Francomb
    Sammy [Sinister Moore]   --  he's a lefty
    Jack [Midgard Serpent] Midson   -- afraid to ask... but he scores a lot
    Luke [Lefty] Moore   -- we need Moore lefties
    Kevin [Whovian] Sainte-Luce   -- played for Cardiff City... His sighting of a blue box led him to join the Wimbly Womblies
    Charlie Sheringham  -- got nothing...
    George [Drunken] Porter
    Sebastian ["Say my name, Sebastian!"] Brown  -- His story never ends... so I hear.
    Rhys [Witherspoon] Weston
    Youssef/Youssouf [Express Youssef] Bamba

  • I can see "Sainte Luce" having a cheery demeaner and sheding light on situations. (Luce is light in Italian) far luce su is to shed light on so that could be in his song? Kaedon Sainte Luce could be his name and it'd be light saint light (kaedon= light in gaelic). Anyone like this idea have more detail to add because it feels like he's not finished but I hope I gave someone a place to start!
  • 1 R. Worner -- Worner Chilcott
    2 B. Fuller-- Berris Fueller
    3 C. Kennedy -- Lil Cal
    4 P. Sweeney-- Sweeney Podd
    6 A. Bennett (maybe he's Other John Green's long lost cousin's son's brother or something).
    8 S. Moore -- Some Moore
    11 L. Moore -- Lots Moore
    32 Y. Bamba -- Any jokes about La Bamba are going to be hilarious.
  • Some suggestions:
    1 R. Worner - Worn In
    2 B. Fuller -  Beef Ruler
    3 C. Kennedy - Undead Kennedy (We need him more than a hole in the head)
    4 P. Sweeney - Spoilers, Sweetie
    5 A. Frampton - Frumpy Al
    6 A. Bennett - Alice Bennet
    7 G. Francomb - Granny Combs
    8 S. Moore - (Gimme Some) More or Smore
    10 J. Midson - Son Of Midgard or Thor
    11 L. Moore - More is never Less
    16 K. Sainte-Luce - Kevin, just Kevin (the Prophet) 
    18 C. Sheringham - CHester Shares-His-Ham
    21 G. Porter - Guiness Porter or Stout
    22 S. Brown - Johann Sebastian Brown
    24 R. Weston - West On East Off
    32 Y. Bamba - Para Bailar A La Bamba or La La La La La La Bamba

    We Wimble We Womble We Muddle On Through - our motto
    We Wimbles We Womble we don't fall down

    (thanks to kitewithfish for co-authoring these with me) 
  • 10 J. Midson - Mid-sized Midson

    I think we should repurpose One Size FItz-All song's to this:
    Not Big, Not Tall, 
    He's neither short nor small,
    He's a Midson,
    Mid-size Midson
    (Could also be mid-field midson - because I believe he is a midfielder)
  • un_beknownstun_beknownst Posts: 55 ✭✭
    (Could also be mid-field midson - because I believe he is a midfielder)
    He's a striker who sometimes moonlights as an attacking midfielder.
  • (Could also be mid-field midson - because I believe he is a midfielder)
    He's a striker who sometimes moonlights as an attacking midfielder.
    Ah, yes that clears it up, thanks.
  • ttess98ttess98 Posts: 5
    Sweeneys song must be "He wears an itsy bitsy teeny Sweeny bright blue polka dot bikini and he scored for the first time today"
  • Cole "Goal" Porter.

    And here's the song from my mind's ear...

    mobiusstripsteak:  where math meets meat (context is everything).
  • C. Sheringham could be Sheringham And Cheese.
    R. Weston: East 'n' Weston.
    C. Kennedy could be C. Kennedy Score!

  • It's been mentioned by several people that the C. Sheringham could be something like "the Sheriff" of Sheringham (I think the Notiff or Sheringham has a nice ring to it too).  

    Backstory:  Known for his establishment-minded ways, Sheringham's anti-populist agenda makes him skeptical about many of the policies of the Wimbly Womblys.  Secretly, he would not be opposed to a takeover of AFC Wimbledon by someone of the ruling elite, instead of it being owned by citizens of Wimbledon.  He's even subtly hinted at another relocation to Milton Keynes, saying things like "I'm just not a fan of the tap water we have in Wimbledon.  More rural places, like Milton Keynes, have better tasting water."  Manager John Green suspects something is up with Sheringham's attitude toward the club, but brushes it off as a "conservative fad" in Sheringham's young age.
    mobiusstripsteak:  where math meets meat (context is everything).
  • "He's big, he's tall, he hasn't touched the ball! Goalkeeper! R. Worner!"

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