The AFC Wimbly Wombly team needs nicknames!



  • katsweirdkatsweird Indianapolis,IndianaPosts: 108 ✭✭
    I just feel like someone needs the nickname of The Doctor
    We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight.
  • monsterthingmonsterthing Kepler 20-fPosts: 121 ✭✭✭
    Bryan "the cannibal" Fuller or some other Hannibal reference
    The thing is...puppets. can't. fly.
  • LostThePirateLostThePirate Posts: 1
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    1 R. Worner - Haha, yeah, WornerChilcot
    2 B. Fuller - I like the earlier Glass Half Fuller suggestion, too
    3 C. Kennedy -
    4 P. Sweeney - Sweeney Todd will cut through their defense
    5 A. Frampton -
    6 A. Bennett - I have to agree with the Lizzie Bennett suggestions (Or could be a relative of Other John Green nee Bennett... Brother? Cousin? Ex-Husband?)
    7 G. Francomb -
    8 S. Moore - I like the formerly-conjoined twins idea, but I think the nicknames should be Small Moore or Smile Moore...
    10 J. Midson - Jack-Be-Nimble Midson
    11 L. Moore - ...and Large Moore or Laugh Moore
    16 K. Sainte-Luce - The Saint of Soccer (...or Football)
    18 C. Sheringham - Gotta agree with Honey-Baked Sheringham
    21 G. Porter - Portwine or Porterhouse Steak
    22 S. Brown - Backup Brown, 'cause he's the second string keeper
    24 R. Weston -
    32 Y. Bamba - Better-Than-Expected Bamba
  • HarringtonHarrington Posts: 1
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    Because C. Kennedy is a deffender I though this song might work.

    See Kennedy he's back from the dead,

    Even though he was shot in the head.

    Look at him as he plays today,

    To block any shot that goes astray.

    Post Script,

    I am referring to John F. Kennedy

    2: R. Weston - Catch Phrase you can We can Rest well with Weston

    3: Instead of saying Aw Frack when A Frampton Scores just say, Aw Frampton

    4: Nickname for R. Worner. Rough and Worner.

    5: Song for B. Fuller,

    Be Fuller in life,

    Be Fuller in Play,

    B. Fuller has now scored today!

    6: Nick names for the Moore's S. Moore - Small Moore. L. Moore - Large Moore. AKA for both of them - The Twins!

    Some of these are that good though.

  • kissogramkissogram AtlantaPosts: 2
    OK, here are my suggestions:

    2 - messyhair42 is spot on: Berris Fuller (pronounced "fuel-er")

    3 - I love jbramson's idea--JFK faked his death to become Con F Kennedy. YES.

    4 - Clearly, P. Sweeny needs to be something related to Sweeny Todd. We haven't seen what he looks like yet, but if he's attractive, he could be Sweeny Bodd.

    8 & 11 - Again, jbramson has an amazing idea--S. and L. Moore are "formerly-conjoined twins who underwent a dangerous and controversial surgery in order to improve their football." This is especially appropriate since conjoined twins are one of John's areas of expertise. I don't know about nicknames but that's an amazing story.

    16 - K Saint-Luce should be Saint Lucy, of course. That could lead to all sorts of great jokes about him restoring sight, seeing clearly, or even blinding the other team (St Lucy is the patron saint of eyes and vision).

    24 - Kanye Weston -- he's a GOALdigger GET IT?! He scores harder/better/faster/stronger!!!

    Ugh so excited for all of this. Good luck to the Wimbly Womblys, no matter which nicknames they end up with!
  • JaimejoalonJaimejoalon Posts: 1
    PLEASE! If there are nerds, the line up should make homage to the Monty Python's "International Football" sketch! 


    DEF: Kant - Hegel - Schopenhauer - Schelling

    DF-MID: Beckenbauer

    MID: Jasper - Schlegel - Wittgenstein

    FW: Nietzsche - Heidegger

    Marx substitutes Wittgenstein in midfield. I guess he would be left winger
  • zizenziczizenzic Posts: 1
    2 B. Fuller - Berris Fueller

  • 18chai18chai Posts: 1
    Scott Brown, Former United States Senator 
    Buckminster Fuller, known for "Bucky Balls" WHICH LOOK LIKE FOOTBALLS. (how has this one not been officially picked yet!)
  • JayeOFarrellJayeOFarrell Posts: 35
    32 Y. Bamba - Bambi
    K. Sainte-Luce - The Saint
    C. Sheringham - The Sheriff
    21 G. Porter - Porter Robinson
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  • SheaShea Posts: 2
    Red Worner Red Worner (like red rover)
    S. Moore should totally be S'moore

    Also I like the idea of "Glass half Fuller"
    Or he could be called simply, "Be Fuller" or "Be more Fuller" *shrugs* idk
  • llamacorn07llamacorn07 Posts: 5
    Yalalalalala Bamba.(to the tune of La Bamba).
  • SheaShea Posts: 2
    Also if we called the Goalie Red Worner the song could be "Red Worner, Red Worner, no, you can't send a goal right over" Or something along that line
  • BadWolf_95BadWolf_95 Posts: 2
    S. Brown - Sweet Sugar Brown
    C. Sheringham - Caring is Sheringham
  • laiegirl18laiegirl18 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    Steve-Micky-D Jones
    Mack- I got Black Jack Wilson
    James "ADIAS" ( All I do is dream about sports) Smith
    Dave "DFTBA" Richardson
    Micheal Mind like a Mine-crafter Wells.

  • LawlesslandLawlessland Posts: 2
    L. Moore and S. Moore could be Less is Moore and Some Moore (or just Smoore/Smore). They're brothers
    Berris fuller, ferris bullers cousin, who never takes a day off
    Corpse Kennnedy, the only zombie ever to play fifia 
  • Moore-io brothers 
  • PiarouNeelixPiarouNeelix Posts: 10
    edited November 2013
    1 R. Worner > King of the corner
    2 B. Fuller > The One
    3 C. Kennedy > Bulletproof
    4 P. Sweeney > Todd
    5 A. Frampton > Pram Font
    6 A. Bennett > Grim boy
    7 G. Francomb > The Nanny
    8 S. Moore > Hits More
    10 J. Midson > Midson forward run
    11 L. Moore > Laughs More
    16 K. Sainte-Luce > Padre Kevin
    18 C. Sheringham > Share that, Ham
    21 G. Porter > Portly Porter
    22 S. Brown > High Brow Brown
    24 R. Weston > Weston gets the point
    32 Y. Bamba > Bibi
    In friendship I trust!
  • dftbandrewdftbandrew Posts: 1
    1 Never Worn Out Worner
    2 Full O'Energy Fuller
    3 C. Kennergy
    4 P. Sweetie
    5 A. Frampton
    6 Lizzie Bennett
    7 Fran the Comb
    8 S'Moore
    10 Middie Midson
    11 we want L'Moore
    16 Sainty
    18 Sherry
    21 Gerry Potter
    22  S Brown
    24 Never Restin Weston
    32 A La Bamba
  • Tao_McCawleyTao_McCawley Seattle WaPosts: 1
    CGP Grey
    Led Zepp
    Chavez Hugo
    Force a Nature
  • PawprintPawprint Posts: 1
    8. Less is More 10. Allen Moore
  • BombBurglarBombBurglar Posts: 1
    Gram cracker S.More
    Juicy Sainte-Luce          
    Not Sheringham
    The Kennedy Assasination
    Less n Moore
    Y Bamba Bomba 
  • 1 R. Worner - 2 B. Fuller - Berris Fueller 3 C. Kennedy - Con F Kennedy 4 P. Sweeney - Sweeney Todd 5 A. Frampton - 6 A. Bennett - Bennett Tennant 7 G. Francomb - Giacamo Francomb 8 S. Moore - S'moore 10 J. Midson - Midship Midson 11 L. Moore - ...Live Moore 16 K. Sainte-Luce - Doctor (every team should have one) 18 C. Sheringham - Nottingham 21 G. Porter - Gory Porter 22 S. Brown - 24 R. Weston - Restin' Weston 32 Y. Bamba - yalalala bamba
  • elazarn2elazarn2 Posts: 1
    1 R. Worner = R. "Ya Gonna" Worner

    2 B. Fuller = Buckminster Fuller

    3 C. Kennedy = Caroline Kennedy

    4 P. Sweeney = Sweeney, Podd

    5 A. Frampton = Peter Frampton

    6 A. Bennett = Other John Bennett

    7 G. Francomb = Francombly My Dear

    8 S. Moore = "I Want" S.'Moore

    10 J. Midson = J. Midson Whiskey

    11 L. Moore = L. "Give You" More

    16 K. Sainte-Luce = Sainte-Luce In The Net With Goals (sung John style)

    18 C. Sheringham = Sheringham Sharealike

    21 G. Porter = "Ice Cole" Porter

    22 S. Brown = Sugar Brown ("Ain't nobody got skills like that!")

    24 R. Weston = Weston Easton Into The Goal

    32 Y. Bamba = Yayayayaya Bamba
  • Ibe Goodenough!
  • sandykelliesandykellie Posts: 1
    Ben Dover
    Justin Tyme
    Max Mum
    Brett Good
    Niall River
    Marcel Way
    Tony Swartz
    Louis  Nale
    Harry Lightfoot

  • RetroVertigoRetroVertigo Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    P. Todd Sweeney - 'The Demon Barber of Wimbledon' (He runs a barber shop on the side) or 'The Demon Footballer of Wimbledon.'

    Lord Sheringham - He's a character in Georgette Heyer's popular Regency Romance novel Friday's Child. And John has stated in these videos that he likes Regency Romance novels.

    I agree that it's time to find a female player. Either find a player on the current squad who looks female-ish, or this guy made an entire team of women FIFA players by finding in-game players who look like women - we could sign one of them: 
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