The AFC Wimbly Wombly team needs nicknames!

RosiannaRosianna London, UKPosts: 5
1 R. Worner
2 B. Fuller
3 C. Kennedy
4 P. Sweeney
5 A. Frampton
6 A. Bennett
7 G. Francomb
8 S. Moore
10 J. Midson
11 L. Moore
16 K. Sainte-Luce
18 C. Sheringham
21 G. Porter
22 S. Brown
24 R. Weston
32 Y. Bamba


  • QEDQED Posts: 198 ✭✭✭
    P. Sweeney should be just The Sweeney like the classic 70s British police show (recently remade as a film). If you ever watch Soccer Saturday you may have seen what presenter Jeff Stelling does when a player called sweeney scores, would be good if John could manage to do this and hum the theme tune to The Sweeney just like Jeff.
  • honey baked sheringham
    s'more (S. moore)

    that's all I got so far.
  • 1In7BillionCogs1In7BillionCogs Posts: 1
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    1 Ron Worner
    2 Full Bowl
    3 Can Ken
    4 Sweet P. Sweeney
    5 A Framp
    6 Lizzie A. Bennett
    7 G. Francomb
    8 Less is Moore Jr.
    10 J. Midson
    11 Less is Moore Sr.
    16 Sainte Kluce
    18 Shenanigan Sheringham
    21 G. Porter
    22 S. Brownie
    24 western Weston
    32 Bamba the bomb
  • reasoncarenreasoncaren Posts: 1
    1 Worner the Winner (or Wiener, depending on if he makes the kick.)
    16 Saint-like Sainte-Luce
    24 Go Weston, Young Man

    I liked Lizzie Bennet and Glass Half Fuller too!
  • Borg Worner (from StarTrek and the auto parts maker BorgWarner, obligatory exclamation "He's a machine!")

    The view Moore twins: Look Moore, See Moore
  • FuzzzeeeeFuzzzeeee Posts: 1
    B. Fuller has to be Buckminster Fullerene, right?
  • agg2596agg2596 Posts: 2
    P. Sweeney -  Sweeney Podd and/or P. Sweeney Todd
    A. Frampton -  Something related to Peter Frampton
    A. Bennett -  Is that John Green née Bennet's father/ex-spouse/etc?
    C. Sheringham -  Green Eggs and Sheringham (or since he's a striker, Green Eggs and Scoringham)
    R. Weston -  Wild Wild Weston
    also, L. Moore and S. Moore are CLEARLY brothers with amazing chemistry
  • misguidedmisguided SloveniaPosts: 1
    hotshot kennedy
    sharing ham
  • jared52jared52 Posts: 1
    Sweeney needs to be called "The Demon Barber"
  • AndyAndy Posts: 1
    1 R. Worner-Two identical twins play in goals in alternate games. The Worner Brothers. 
    3 C. Kennedy-JF Kennedy. An ageing American man, with a talent for womanising, but a strong dislike of open top cars and loud noises. Doesnt talk much about his past...
    4 P. Sweeney- Sweeney Todd, a barber in his spare time with a penchant for meat pies.
    6 A. Bennett-Alan Bennett, a respected English playright, best known for 'The Madness of King George' and 'The History Boys'
    32 Y. Bamba-La Bamba. Do the song whenever he scores. Obvious but great.
  • lyssruslyssrus Posts: 1

    Andy Frampton: Andy Pandy Puddin' and Fries or Lord/Sir Frumpyton

    George Francomb: Francombstein

    Jack Midson: Midson: Possible (or Impossible if he's broken).


  • BenTNBenTN Posts: 1

    How about The always hungry (for goals) Lunch Moore 11

    The Right and Honourable Duke of Frampton

    Yalalalalalalala Bamba

    Simon says: Score Moore 8

    Sweeney the Barber

    Approach at your own peril! This is your Last Worner

    President Kennedy

  • Sweeney Podd.
    Small Moore and Large Moore.
    Andy 'Peter's younger and slightly more attractive brother' Frampton.
    Rhys Weston is Best on (ground)

  • Bubble's NerdFighting Goalie

  • sarahjanesarahjane Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    1 R. Worner (Ross Geller)
    2 B. Fuller (Glass Half Fuller)
    3 C. Kennedy (not Caroline Kennedy)
    4 P. Sweeney (Sweeney Todd)
    5 A. Frampton (Peter Frampton-British rocker)
    6 A. Bennett (Other John Green's brother?)
    7 G. Francomb 
    8 S. Moore (So Much Moore)
    10 J. Midson (Midsize Midson)
    11 L. Moore (Just A Little Moore)
    16 K. Sainte-Luce (Sainte-Luce,Quebec)
    18 C. Sheringham (Notiff of Sheringham- Sheriff of Nottingham)
    21 G. Porter (Cole Porter)
    22 S. Brown (Sally Brown)
    24 R. Weston (Ryan Weston- Emma Approved)
    32 Y. Bamba (Ya La Bamba)
  • Morgan_The_SkaldMorgan_The_Skald Posts: 1
    edited November 2013

    My knowledge of the players of our club, which is my hope that will soon become unequivocally known as Absolutely Freaking Capable Wimbledon, is as follows:

    #1. Ron Worner is a magical goalie whose place on the team is guaranteed by the fact that he is, in fact, worner than any other in the league, so do the coaches tell;

    #2 is Brandon "Live" Fuller, his best friend, stoutest defended and an infamous hedonist as well as an aspiring saxophonist.

    #3. Clark Kennedy, the "Superman from Ireland/Irish Superman" owes his unusual sobriquet to his kind spirit, dedication to charity level composure and an steely playing foot all equally well.

    #4., is naturally Sweeney Pod, (Podrick being his mane) the hellishly talented facial hair sculptor, as well as a dedicated chef, who having always been an athletic sort has discovered his talent for the kicked ball midway trough stylist college, making his story that of a late bloomer.

    Of course, he's still uncertain as to whether what he has is in any way exceptional, and would it ever allow him to make a living, so he managed to get himself picked up by an aspiring club, with a big manager with an eye for talent.

    Now, it's also worth noting that he had so much liberty and control when it came to choosing his first club, because of his independently wealthy, and equally supportive mother, who's apple of her eye he'd become ever since they were both separated from his older sister who died in Afghanistan, making him now, in his new found career, looking to prove himself to his mother, worthy of her legacy, to the memory of his sister, taken by the world and an eternal mentor, and his own reflection in the mirror.
     It's equally important to note, that having witnessed him score already, were he to become Sweeney Pod, we could say that he 'slices trough the defense', and his every miss could become a 'close shave' as per somebody's suggestion.

    #5. is Archibald Percival Frampton II, whose illustrious lineage is matched only by his ambition, and the financial pit in which his mother, the sole heiress to the family fortune long gone at the hands of careless dynasty perpetually resides not unlike her parents and their parents in turn, Archie's apparent talent for the kicked ball being the way not only to support both of them, but, who knows, maybe even travel to restoring the family name with money and prestige both!

    #6. Alexander Bennett is John's cousin, by the way of his maternal uncle, and henceforth referred to as the "Other Bennett" and a classical history buff.

    #7. Georges "Genial" Francomb, as unlikely and daring fate would have it, was Pod's roommate in college, and like his friend this equally talented French Hairdresser decided to forgo this avenue of his life, abandoning his family trade dating back nine generations in lieu of Feet Ball. Full of doubt, yet also promise, he now has to live up to his dream, or else come back to Orleans, in shame and with his proverbial tail curled, to face his family, who may not be as understanding as were his coaches, teachers, and Pod...

    #8. and 11., Sam and Leon Moore have come to be called "Some (S'More) and Little More" by their teammates, reflecting their differing attitude, with one being an pessimistic try-hard of low self esteem, and the other an over proud yet lazy a figure. Despite these differences they have been the best of 'besties' ever since graduating from high school, with their characters complementing each other yin and yang like, lending each other support in and out of the field.

    #10. Jared "Jayne" / "Middlefield" Midson, has truly to his name been born in between his two sisters, who very aware of the 'inherent' joke in the situation, as well as his love for the cult show "Firefly" have dubbed their sibling 'Jayne', a name which he wore proudly ever since, exhibiting unquestionable love for his hero and sisters both.

    More to come, please, forgive me the lunch break : ]

  • SophosleyghSophosleygh Posts: 7
    For the Moores: Lessis Moore and Soph Moore?
    I play clarinet and sing, read and play video games, watch hockey and play scholastic bowl. Feel free to talk to me if you ever feel so compelled!

    Want to hear a really great choral piece?

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