Denmark? Anybody?

BethbethBethbeth Posts: 5
Is there any nerdfighters out there in Denmark?


  • AnneNhioAnneNhio Posts: 1
    Yes, yes there is. I'm on Fyn, and judt recently became a nerdfighter, so far it's nice. :) 
  • goehlergoehler Grenaa, DenmarkPosts: 3
    Hey fellow Danes

    So, I guess I'm a Nerdfighter noob..

    Or actually I've been a Nerdfighter all along. I just never knew the term, before I stumbled upon this wast and epic sea of awesomeness, floating out of my screen via Youtube. My path was simple*, alas a bit delayed. But that doesn't mean, that I intend to miss out on anything. So as of a couple of weeks ago, I started ploughing through the videos, starting with Brotherhood 2.0. So far, I'm at June 2008, and I think I'm in Nerdfighter like!

    * Khan Academy -> Crash Course -> VlogBrothers -> Brotherhood 2.0 - Because you gotta start at the beginning, right!

    Best wishes!
    Kevin the Dane
    3D Arts and Visual Effects |
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