What is your personal favorite John book?



  • daniellelynnedaniellelynne USAPosts: 1
    I would say my favorite John book, is ''Looking For Alaska', followed by TFIOS, as well. Sometimes, I think what if the characters met someone else, what if Pudge never met Alaska, or Augustus met Hazel, or what if by some weird fictional way, Alaska met Augustus. Anyway DFTBA
  • kayla08kayla08 Posts: 1
    The Fault in Our Stars
    The Fault in our stars but, I'm in the middle of reading Looking For Alaska. It may change. I love the message that TFIOS gives to young teens like me.
  • RichardxLuRichardxLu Charlotte, NCPosts: 16
    The Fault in Our Stars
    The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns are my two favorite books. I voted for TFiOS, and now I feel a bit sorry for Paper Towns.

    Richard Lu
  • margo_wannabemargo_wannabe Posts: 84
    Paper Towns
    My favourite book is Paper Towns although I really love TFiOS and Looking for Alaska...and Will Grayson, Will Grayson...and An Abundance of Katherines...OH I don't know I love all of them, but every time I read Paper Towns I can always relate to Margo Roth Spiegelman, not the popular school queen version of Margo, but Q's version of Margo, at least the last one. The way Q starts seeing her as just a simple person amazes me, how his way of thinking changes during the whole book. It's an amazing book, all of them are. All of John's books are my favourites, Paper Towns is just my most favourite, if that makes any sense...
  • ellenpinkyellenpinky Posts: 2
    The Fault in Our Stars
    Although I absolutely love Looking For Alaska, the bottom of page 262 through 263 of TFIOS made me completely love with the book. After reading it non-stop becuase the story was so emotional and exciting, I reached that page and felt an instant connecion. As someone who saves her "10's" on  it felt amazing to read about another person who did that also. That one page tied the entire book together for me and made it seem so real. 
  • cmmatzatcmmatzat Posts: 7
    An Abundance of Katherines
    I'm glad that Katherines is getting some support! I feel like it is often overlooked among John's books, but it is easily my favorite. I totally relate to Colin's struggles. Plus Hassan. Gotta love Hassan.
  • AlexanderGreatAlexanderGreat Posts: 14
    Looking For Alaska

    For letting me know how to get out of the Labyrinth... 
  • LaceyPupLaceyPup Land of Crawfish and SwampsPosts: 12
    Paper Towns
    Paper Towns is my favorite. I like the mystery and the trying as a reader to figure things out, and I feel like the symbolism and significance of the title are just the right amount of present--definitely there and noticeable, but not too in your face, and giving some room for your own interpretation. It sort of lets you discover the significance for yourself. It was also a pretty life-changing book on my first read, though I can't really articulate why.
  • HollyhollyHollyholly Posts: 59
    The Fault in Our Stars
    When i read Papertowns and Looking For Alaska i was not ready not confront myself with what is said in the book and i read them mainly as lovestorys because my mind was to busy with other things. When i read TFiOS i was more open about the metaphoric sense of the book and all those theories about the world it brings to mind. Eventhough it's been almost a year since i first read The Fault In Our Stars but still i'm not ready analysing it and reading through the different layers of the book. As soon as i am i will read the other books again. My favourite book might be an other one than.
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  • annaaileenannaaileen Washington StatePosts: 16
    Looking For Alaska
    Looking for Alaska is completely BRILLIANT! I force my friends to read it
  • An Abundance of Katherines
    I love all the John Green books, but An Abundance of Katherines is my favorite! I just connect so much with Collin in a weird way (not like I've ever written a theorem before) but I am a bit of a prodigy in some subjects.
  • mekiro34mekiro34 Posts: 16
    An Abundance of Katherines

    I love all the John Green books, but An Abundance of Katherines is my favorite! I just connect so much with Collin in a weird way (not like I've ever written a theorem before) but I am a bit of a prodigy in some subjects.

    An abundance of Katherines is the best!! I really think is being understimated
  • winterrose111winterrose111 ChicagoPosts: 3
    Paper Towns
    John Green's books are amazing, and I love all of them for different reasons. But Paper Towns just resonated with me so well. It was easy to get lost in the book, and usually it takes me some time to get (really) into one of his books because they're so real, but in Paper Towns I got sucked in from the first page. All the characters were so complex and relatable on some level in Paper Towns. Though if I had to pick a second favorite, it'd be Looking for Alaska.
  • sinisterreveriessinisterreveries Posts: 7
    Paper Towns
    Either Looking For Alaska or Paper Towns but, I still picked Paper Towns. I just, relate to it so much and also I love love love mysteries. It's not that big of a mystery book but I love how the story just runs. And as I said I can relate to it. I got a... I like this guy, who leaves next door, my childhood friend and classmate. We're not that close, until these days. We got to share our interests and he's such a nerd like me. That's when I thought I like him. Turns out I'm gonna be Quentin here!
  • mimilynnmimilynn Posts: 8
    The Fault in Our Stars
    The Fault in Our Stars was definitely my favorite. I watch so many movies and read so many books that have very neat and picture perfect endings. Tfios wasn't like that because life isn't life that. I really appreciated how John kept the overall integrity of the characters while diving into the pain and suffering of life. Both the book and movie made me cry.
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  • eletriclidewijeletriclidewij Posts: 15
    Paper Towns
    I think that everyone should imagine other people complexly and Paper Towns does this. To be honest I think that paper towns should be required reading in all schools everywhere. Not really to pick apart, just to read. Also, Black Santas and great white wall of Cow.
  • AlexanderGreatAlexanderGreat Posts: 14
    Looking For Alaska
    Although I have already voted for Looking for Alaska, I still feel like WGWG is one of the most underrated books of all time. 

    The humor and complexity of the characters makes it so fun to read. 
  • OrestisAnime77OrestisAnime77 Posts: 4
    Paper Towns
    Morbo said:
    paper towns!
    i love too looking for alaska and tfios
    but LFA make me want jump from 99th floor or something the same with tfios
    i love so much paper towns
    is so powerful story 
    Hey My name is Orestes and im from greece.
    I'm John's fan i love his books, and before i read them
    i was think they are for love and for growing up or something.
    But i was wrong.
    I have read 
    -The Fault In Our Stars
    -Paper Towns
    -Lοοκing For Alaska
    I love them.
    Some things about me is im completely freak. I havent any social life,
    im a wallflower. I love reading books, (my favorites are THE HUNGER GAMES, DIVERGENT and Cassandra Clare's books) i read all the kind of books, but them (with John's of course) are my favorites.
    So i want be a good nerdfighter and my dream is to be an actor and writter (!)
    i know you dont give a PIZZZAA what i want be but this is me. 
    i writte a fanfiction crossover for john's books with name Looking For Paper Stars
    and is very interesting but unfortunately is on greek.
    Someday i will translate it.
    i love anime music too..
    and i want meet person here :)
  • Corwin_JensenCorwin_Jensen Posts: 1
    Looking For Alaska
    I might as well rank them here and explain why:

    5. Will Grayson, Will Grayson - For the first two chapters I though what the hell am I reading and after that it became really good, but still.
    4. An Abundance of Katherines - Also a really good book, but I had no 'wow' feeling as I had reading the books down this list.
    3. The Fault in our Stars - The first John Green book I ever read, it was really heartbreaking and awesome and it was my no. 1 until I read...
    2. Paper Towns - I really don't know where to start describing this book. It is a masterpiece and should be remembered so and it was my no. 1 until I re-read...
    1. Looking For Alaska - I mean, words fail to explain how I feel about this book. Let's just leave it at that.
  • Paper Towns
    I chose paper towns because to be honest to me it seems the most realistic and because I feel the way it presents high schoolers is actually different from Johns other books and it also just clicked with me in a way only a few books had a way that not only changes me but makes look deeper into everything. So basically I picked paper towns because it's my own personal portably therapist.
  • leonwingsteinleonwingstein VTPosts: 2,683 Mod
    The Fault in Our Stars
    I put down TFiOS because it took a bit of a different direction from John's other books.  I feel like yeah, it had a love story and everything, but it was more about death than anything else.  Specifically, it was about young people facing death.  This is something that I find really interesting, and this theme paired with the amount of symbols and little subtle pieces John wrote in makes it a book I want to read and reread, finding new stuff every time.

    That being said, Zombicorns was a close second because it's dang awesome.
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  • QurestionAsker215QurestionAsker215 You don't need to knowPosts: 22
    An Abundance of Katherines
    I love An Abundance of Katherines because of how John mixes Romance/Love, Comedy, and Math all into one big plot.
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  • FangirlKodaFangirlKoda Posts: 11
    Let It Snow
  • MontannaPeachMontannaPeach Posts: 1,751 ✭✭✭
    An Abundance of Katherines
    I have to say An Abundance of Katherines. That one has really stuck with me more than the others. I guess I'm sort of like this weird combination of Colin and Lindsey, so I could relate to their problems. Plus, I think I was perhaps more open to the ideas in the book because of the lighter mood. And I like math. So, yeah.
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  • IbokIbok Posts: 6
    The Fault in Our Stars
    When a book reshapes how you think about death, love, life, and the universe and changes the way your perspective on any new thing you face you know its a special book. Very few books have done that (all are John Green books) but the way TFIOS makes me feel...
  • MiguelAlexanderS01MiguelAlexanderS01 Tegucigalpa, HondurasPosts: 1 Newbie
    An Abundance of Katherines
    I would leave it between Looking for Alaska and An Abundace of Katherines - haven't read TFIOS though, so it might change. I voted for the latter mainly for three reasons. First it seems kind of underrated, so I thought it would be good to contribute to its recognition. Also, although LFA's plot was of blissful pleasure to plunge in, I definitely found myself a gazillion times more related to Colin's character than what I thought I would when I began reading An Abundance of Katherines. Even the other characters were not only more familiar to me, but also more charming and admirable for my taste. Despite all of these, I would say the tiebreaker definitely relies on the third reason: Hassan's mention of my very own self when making up his life story to prank Lindsey's friends. Here's a reminder of what he said: "Okay, I just got to America from Honduras. My name is Miguel." I know this might mean jack s**t for y'all, but believe me when I say that I certainly do not take it lightly when one of my favorite authors mentions my name, my country (which nobody knows about), and its historical context in one of his books. That was definitely a nerdgasm for me. Thanks for that, John.
  • nathanwilliamnathanwilliam Melbourne Posts: 1 Newbie
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  • Kenzie_soKenzie_so Posts: 4
    My favorite John Green book is "Turtles all the way Down".
  • noithathoaphatnoithathoaphat 55 Bạch Đằng, Phường 15, Quận Bình Thạnh, TPHCMPosts: 2
  • WaffleWarriorWaffleWarrior USAPosts: 16
    edited October 2018
    The Fault in Our Stars
    My favorite is probably Turtles All The Way Down
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