Dancing is a Sport, Right?

beloved490beloved490 Fremont, CAPosts: 13
Just wanted to throw this discussion out there to see if there were fellow nerdfighters who also have a deep love of Lindy Hop/swing dance. (: Honestly, I don't even know if this topic belongs under this section (and if it doesn't, I'm sure some moderator will fix the issue for me), but just wanted to start this discussion and see if it actually goes anywhere, ha!

Looking for good, solid leads with whom to practice, as well, so if you're a Lindy Hopping nerdfighter in California's gorgeous Bay Area, holler (A.K.A. message me or reply to this thread d:)! Heck, if we get a Lindy Hopping Nerdfighter gathering going in the Bay Area sometime, I would be happier than John eating pizza while playing with a puppy-sized elephant defeating a honey badger!
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