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Hello! If you make videos, you may have realized that it takes you putting up quite a bit of videos to gradually get better depending on how they are received or what you observe in YouTubers you watch. But what if you don't get enough views/comments/ratings/etc. to help you understand what you're doing wrong ... or what you're doing right? What if you want to be original and not simply imitate others?

The problem with YouTube is, it's not as easy to build your audience as it once was, because there are just more people out there trying to take a slice of that audience real estate. How do you improve without an audience critiquing you?

Well, that's what I'm hoping this thread becomes.

How will this work?

For the video creators:
1. Look at the last video that was posted and check the time stamp. 
2. If it's been 2 days and nobody has posted a video, feel free to post your own.
3. Read through comments made by nerdfighters and feel free to respond to them, but don't argue.

For the video critics: 
1. Watch the last video posted in its entirety.
2. Leave constructive criticism.
3. Feel free to respond to the video creator's comments or expand on what others say.

Creator Guidelines:
Choose ONE video that you've posted on YouTube that you would like to have criticized. Then make a post of it in this thread. The only words you're allowed to have in the post are the title of the video and anything that you have in the description [except like links to your twitter and all that]. This is to avoid bias. The video shouldn't need any external explanation unless it's part of a series or it's meant to be unclear.

But WAIT, before you all start posting your videos at once, let's set-up some rules on that. Otherwise, this will just become a series of videos with no actual commentary. For now, let's start with 2 days between videos, because this forum is fairly new and thus not super active. As it gets more popular, I'll shorten the time between being able to post videos.

If you leave a comment that is just plain negative or mean (not constructive) I may delete it. Same goes for if you post a video before the last one's time slot is up.

Hopefully this goes well, but you should check this original post every now and again, because I may have to add/edit guidelines at some point.

Who wants to go first?
by ittakesii


  • DaveDave Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Someone has to roll the ball, and I shall bear the burden of being first. Hello! :)

    "UPLOAD" (Official Trailer)
    Youtube isn't as safe as it once was. A serial killer known as 'The Controller' is targeting anyone and everyone at random times, the only way to survive his wrath is to UPLOAD on time.
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    I think this is pretty well done! Definitely had that trailer feel to it. It reminded me of this video from The Professionals.
  • zentourozentouro New York, NYPosts: 76 ✭✭
    i really liked the concept, although the pacing at the beginning was a little slow and the voice over (that becomes diagetic with the 3 peeps on the couch) could of been a little louder and clearer. once you get to the actiony bits once the story was introduced it was very exciting/fun to watch. but probably could of been a bit shorter. 

    but who doesn't love a youtube related slasher flick. 

    other places i live

  • zentourozentouro New York, NYPosts: 76 ✭✭

    since no one has posted in a while. here is a video i made last year. i'm still trying to figure out my style as a content maker and i switch back and forth between narratives and vlogs. this one is sort of in between. 

    other places i live

  • I love it! It's really great. The voice over is just the right pace and tone, and the footage is like, magical! It has a great narrative to it.
  • JayBeeJayBee Posts: 5
    I liked how you kept the topic fairly consistent, and didn't sway too much.
    The only thing I think should be done differently is your camera work.
    You should bring the camera closer, and frame yourself so that you fill the shot more, because there's a huge amount of empty space.

  • Hey guys, 

    I was going to start a new thread but searched this one up for some criticism and/or opinions on videos I have made. They are bad quality due to being filmed on my iPhone but I was hoping for opinions on the actual content.


    I have no problem with checking out anyone else's stuff if they are looking for feedback as well!!

  • DaughterNatureDaughterNature ChicagoPosts: 6
    I was inspired by The Brain Scoop to start my own educational channel in June. This is one of my most recent episodes:

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