Using Crash Course in class around the world

CowWranglerdetteCowWranglerdette DenmarkPosts: 37

Hi everybody

I just had genetics class today and my teacher just found this "new thing" called Crash Course. (which is not new for me :-D)

We saw to episodes, the mitosis and meiosis. And even my classmates that are not that great at English understod almost all of it. (thanks Hank)


And then I started thinking! Which schools around the World have shown Crash Course in class? and what kind of class was it?

I'm from Denmark, and i'm studying Agriculture and we saw these episodes in our genetics class about cows :-)



  • grevegreve Posts: 23
    Wish I could be so lucky, but unless they decide to male Crash Course Econ, Math or Dataology then it's not gonna happen
  • bosworthbosworth DenmarkPosts: 2
    @greve: it's not crash course, but the Khan-academy, numberphile and vihart have maths videos and Khan academy and computerphile have datalogy/computer science videos :-)
  • AppleyNOAppleyNO Posts: 11
    I'v been pushing my World History and Chemistry teachers to show Crash Course videos :P Time will tell I guess xD
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  • RiverSethRiverSeth EnglandPosts: 448 ✭✭
    My dad (who is a history teacher) was really shocked when i made a nerdfighter reference one day. It turns out he has been using Crash Course (as well as some from the vlogbrothers) videos in his classes for ages.

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  • KeeleyzincKeeleyzinc Asheville NCPosts: 60
    My history teacher introduced me to crash course and john green actually so I have him to thank :)
  • mikaylamariemikaylamarie Posts: 19
    Today my biology teacher showed us a crash course video on DNA (: 
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  • Nerdfighter767Nerdfighter767 Montana (As well as Nerfighteria Island)Posts: 22
    My U.S. history teacher shows us mental floss and crash course quite often
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