Count to 100 before a Mod/Admin posts. [56K WARNING]

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Basically the premise of this game is to see how high of a number we can get to before a moderator or admin posts.
If a moderator or admin posts, the person that posts next has to start at 1. 

I'm not really sure how well this would work. It could either go extremely badly if the staff is a frequent poster in this thread, or it could get an insanely high number if they ignore this thread so...we'll see. Also I know it says 100. I originally wanted to put 1000 but thought that was too high. So if 100 gets reached (I doubt it) just continue past 100.

I'll start: 1

HALL OF FAME (when 100 is reached)

EDIT: Due to the creativity of Nerdfighteria there are some big images in this thread and therefore I have added a "56K warning" 1. out of nostalgia and 2. for any potential users of dialup (seriously who has dialup anymore?)


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