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A place to post cycling stats, stories, and possible meetups if there are more of us.

I personally ride an old Schwinn Cruiser Supreme with some aftermarket aerobars, pedals w/straps and a seat. I try to do 20 miles a day and I'm looking to upgrade to a new bike. Wildest story I have is I almost got run over when a guy in the left turning lane (with his blinker on nonetheless) went straight as I was turning left off his passenger side (obeying the laws in NY). He cut me off to avoid traffic by going through a parking lot. I caught up with him and gave his sideview mirror some bike lock justice.
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    That doesn't sound very nice. How does getting revenge in that way help decrease worldsuck? I've nearly been hit about 29 times (yes, that was some arbitrary number I just typed, so I'm sure it was closer to 8) because drivers think they own the road here in California, but I will never try getting revenge on a one-thousand-pound metal vehicle on my little beautiful black and Stitch-blue 15-pound Cannondale Caad-10 (especially if I'm cleated in <- yes, I created that term myself because I recently learned that you're only "clipped" in if you have strapped pedals (those are the original "clips") and now the pedals that clip you in via cleat is called a "clipless pedal." Confusing, right? I know. Hence, "cleated in.").  

    I bike mostly for commuting, and average 14 miles a day when I'm not being lazy and driving to our public transportation system. Otherwise, the longest ride I've ever done so far was around 42 miles, but not all in one go. 
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    I also agree that revenge and retaliation is not a good idea.  The problem is that weighing wrongs against each other is subjective, so if people act out of revenge or retaliation, then it can lead to escalating conflict.  I'd be lying if I said that I haven't felt tempted to do things like that before though.  It can make me very angry if I see someone engage in an unsafe traffic maneuver that endangers my life or personal safety, or the safety of others around me.  But I think in general it's probably better both for you and for the driver to not do things like this.

    I'm an active cyclist, but I bike mainly to get around rather than for sport...I have a Cannondale hybrid, a mountain bike frame with road bike tires on it currently.  My area is pretty hilly, which is unfortunate and makes me bike to get around a little less than I normally would.  When I lived in Ohio I'd regularly bike 30 miles without thinking much of (PA, Philly's northern suburbs) I bike five miles or so and I'm pretty exhausted because it's up and down a lot.
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    Well I am Dutch so I've been riding my bike since I could walk. Here is is the most common way to get around, everybody has a bike? The cities and laws are build for cyclists, so I've never been in an accident or and unsafe situation on my bike. 
    When I was in high/middle school I had a daily commute of 30 minutes to get to school and to get home. It was not always that nice (damn you rain, snow, darkness, freezing temperatures and thunderstorms) but I never really hated it, unless I arrived completely soaked at school. (Wearing raincoats is seen as not cool, so yea if it rains, you can get prety wet)

    Nowadays I sometimes use my bike to get at my part-time job, which is 14 kilometres away or 40 minutes on my bike or to get to my university which also takes 40 minutes to get there. Or if i want to go to my friends who live in another village and I cant use my parents car or if I'm just bored. For me, riding a bike is a part of my life and it will always be that way. 

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    I usually use activewear while cycling/biking.
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    You cant leave your bicycle here. Hoepiteal You now have 8 minutes to write your answers on the answer sheet.
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