Best Main Female Charcter



  • eletriclidewijeletriclidewij Posts: 15
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    I felt that at the beginning of the book she was bending and being a shapeshifter to whoever she was talking to but at the end she was less of a chameleon and could make herself rigid as a puzzle piece rather than a bendy one.
  • leahstephens55leahstephens55 GeorgiaPosts: 1
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    I feel like Margo is what we all want to end up like. I think everybody has a moment or a part of their life where they want to just disappear into the sunset and forget about the rest of the world. But at the same time, we also really want someone to search for us; we all want to be someone's mystery. 
  • aj2020aj2020 Posts: 3
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    I love alaska and i can't believe that more people voted for Hazel. Alaska is a creature that confuses the heck out of you but also shows you just how much you care about her when (spoiler alert) she dies and you sit in the bathtub and cry :\">
  • natalienicoolnatalienicool Posts: 1
    Hazel (TFioS)
    I love Hazel because she really changed the way I viewed the world and I learned from what she learned. I also really connect with Margo and the want to escape and Alaska is amazing but also so troubled. I just know in real life that I would be friends with Hazel more so than the other two.
  • Alaska_YoungAlaska_Young Posts: 2
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    I had to go with Alaska from Looking for Alaska. The main reason being she is basically me. What you read if you read Looking for Alaska is you reading most of my life story. I didn't lose my mother or go to a boarding school. However, I did play some awesome pranks when I was at school, I drink and smoke, I get in trouble a lot ( I can't seem to stay out of it), I have a thousand books that I have not even begun to read because I have so many other things to do, and I have amazing friends. When read Looking for Alaska I feel like I am reading about myself. It is such a touching book. I still haven't figured out how I am going to get out of my own "Labyrinth of Suffering". That is just my opinion but that is why I feel like Alaska Young is the strongest female character that John Green has ever created. I love all of his characters but Alaska is the strongest. With everything that she has gone through in her life and how her life ended although sad and upsetting was absolutely wonderful and well written. 
  • PramitPramit Posts: 3
    edited August 2015
    Hazel (TFioS)
    She is my soul friend.
    by Pramit
  • Margo (Paper Towns)
    The reason why I chose Margo was because I feel like she was the most likely the type of girl every school has the nice popular girl who hides everything and also because paper towns was my favorite book by John green so... :)
  • QurestionAsker215QurestionAsker215 You don't need to knowPosts: 22
    Hazel (TFioS)
    I think that Hazel is the favorite because TFIOS is actually set from her point of view.
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  • nini2002nini2002 Posts: 1
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    I liked Alaska best because she's so achingly real and so mysterious at the same time. She really knew how to live and passed her knowledge on to other People like Pudge, even though she had this enormous burden to carry with her, so at least she had her adventure. I know she died anyway but at least as she says she died smart.
  • Julia_CJulia_C Posts: 2
    Hazel (TFioS)
    I had to say Hazel because, as some one already said, a lot of John's female characters kind of drift to being these "manic pixie dream girls" and Hazel felt the most real. To be fair most of John's books are from the perspective of nerdy teenage boys so I guess that might just be how they are seen through the protagonists eyes...
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