Best Main Female Charcter

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okay so John creates all these amazing strong female charcters and I wanted to vote to see everyone's favorite

Best Main Female Charcter 219 votes

Margo (Paper Towns)
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Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
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Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
TenleyNadineviaesquesingingwritingWingspanTNRBlackAndBlueAlanaTheUnicornScribethe_music_manGloriousFailureeletriclidewijJoshDeetnerdykitkat04triskaidekaphobia 13 votes
Hazel (TFioS)
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Jane (WGWG)
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  • marthadearestmarthadearest Dublin, IrelandPosts: 25 ✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Brilliant question! I love Hazel because I found her so convincing.  Margo and Alaska were obviously both amazing and badass as characters too, but they just didn't seem as real as Hazel did. I feel like I knew Hazel. I don't know if I could write such a realistic teenage girl character, and I *was* a teenage girl! Seriously impressive stuff from a male writer. 
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  • sonicscrewdriver42sonicscrewdriver42 Nerdfighteria IslandPosts: 32
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    I was practically impossible for me to choose, but it is a awesome question. Thanks for that. Have a good day.
  • KinnyKinny Hula Paradise Posts: 233 ✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Hazel without doubting, but I really enjoyed too Jane in WG... She was so cynical ! But Hazel... She's just brilliant! LIke a real teenager but on paper.
  • packawack14packawack14 Posts: 3
    Hazel (TFioS)
    This is such a great question! I picked Hazel, because I feel like I've learned so much from her. However, I relate to all of John's female characters.
  • MorboMorbo Posts: 69
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    Apparently only John likes Lindsey. :D
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  • rainstormrainstorm PhilippinesPosts: 6
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    Well I voted for Margo probably because she's the only character in any of John Green's books that I will never forget. I actually hated her a bit because she didn't even show that much of an appreciation on the fact that Q searched all over for her and when he finally saw her, she just said "I'm leaving" and simply left. I mean, Q didn't attend his Graduation Day just for her! Ugh. But maybe the fact that I kind of hated Margo made me like her, too... In a very weird way that I cannot describe. :D
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  • oceanpotionoceanpotion EnglandPosts: 347 ✭✭✭
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    Alaska just beat Hazel because (to me ) alaska is more realateble. She also has alittle more awesomeness than hazel, she reads alot (i know hazel reads aswell ut alaska has more books), and she is great at pranking.

  • TenleyNadineTenleyNadine MichiganPosts: 681 ✭✭✭
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    This is apparently not a popular answer, but I really liked Lindsey. I really related to her situation (I don't want to post spoilers so I'll just say that) and I thought she was believable as an actual person and not just a character.  

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  • ashimmer13ashimmer13 Seattle, WA, USAPosts: 109 ✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    @TenleyNadine, I actually debated between Hazel and Lindsey quite a bit! For similar reasons as you noted above.  But, I just can't get past how well developed Hazel was and my heart and all the feels.. 
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  • TenleyNadineTenleyNadine MichiganPosts: 681 ✭✭✭
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    @ashimmer13 Yeah, I really like Hazel as well. 

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  • WingspanTNRWingspanTNR Iowa, USPosts: 116 ✭✭
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    I'm with @TenleyNadine here, Lindsey is a very relatable character mostly because she isn't brooding every time you see her. I love all of John's female characters but Lindsey is the one that strikes the right balance of moody and happy. While I'm here, I also ask why The Duke from Let It Snow isn't included as an option in the poll?
  • coolcat3699coolcat3699 Sydenham, LondonPosts: 144 ✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    hazel definately hazel
  • ArdentWildfireArdentWildfire United StatesPosts: 21
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    It was really tough for me to actually pick one, but I finally decided on Alaska because Looking for Alaska was the first of John's books that I read and the kinda vague character of Alaska drew me in so much, she's become one of my favorite characters. 
  • bluebeefbluebeef Posts: 10
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    Margo is the most quotable, let's just say that. I also thought she was the most entertaining.
  • theirownrewardtheirownreward ConnecticutPosts: 17
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    I love all of John's female protagonists. I can see the argument in favor of Hazel who is probably better at being a real teenage girl than I was, but Margo was my "best" because she's a really interesting fiction. She is always somewhere between a question and an illusion and that is such a compelling idea to me. She is Schrodinger's Little Red Haired Girl. 

    I think I just favor the fiction a little more.
  • clausitclausit EnglandPosts: 7,809 ✭✭✭✭
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    It's kind of hard because Hazel is the best character, but it's cheating because she's the protagonist so we get to see all her complexity upfront rather than through another person, which is the only way you can do it normally. So I have to go with Margo. I like Hazel and Alaska and Lindsey (haven't read WGWG yet) but I could honestly fall in love with Margo.
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  • Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of Peace Jefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Really I didn't expect to really ever choose Hazel as my favorite girl character until I started to read the book. I was so sceptical about the book because I usually don't like to read about terminal diseases because it always seems like it wants you to feel sorry for the character. But this one is different, it made me feel respect for Hazel and Gus. So Hazel is my favorite female character.
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  • Luke_Earl_MolleLuke_Earl_Molle Earl of Peace Jefferson, IaPosts: 3,008 ✭✭✭✭
    Hazel (TFioS)
    It was really tough for me to actually pick one, but I finally decided on Alaska because Looking for Alaska was the first of John's books that I read and the kinda vague character of Alaska drew me in so much, she's become one of my favorite characters. 
    LFA was one of his 1st books i read to
    I am the Duke of Earl, and I also am Earl For To and Of Peace
  • gerenjiegerenjie Posts: 64 ✭✭
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    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)

    Um... I guess Alaska? I tend to like the supporting characters in books more than the narrators, but Hazel was amazing too...  WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN SUCH AMAZING THINGS?

    EDIT: I realized I probably like Alaska better because she wanted to work with kids with autism, while Hazel just sort of gave up on life (not that I blame her, but it gave me more to like Alaska about)

    by gerenjie
  • katnisskittkatnisskitt Kitchener Ontario, CanadaPosts: 74
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Hazel because as she has made decisions any normal person could've done making her relatable even though many of the readers didn't have cancer or her problems in general. Hazel stayed strong even while battling her cancer and trying to keep Gus safe from herself. John's other characters are strong and witty and great as well but I just feel like hazel had more of something I can't exactly put into words.
  • Margo (Paper Towns)
    I don't really like Margo, but I still think that she is the best female character in all of John Green's books, perhaps because I don't like her. I don't like her because she strikes me as selfish. And unlike Hazel and Alaska, Margo seems more real. Maybe because the whole point of "Paper Towns" was to say that people aren't who we think they are, but Margo is one level deeper than Hazel and Alaska and all the other girls.

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  • manateesrockmanateesrock Posts: 10
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    Margo because she's the most relatable, and left the biggest impact on how I view life.
  • KittyRoseGrangerKittyRoseGranger 221B, the TARDISPosts: 24
    I actually cannot vote on this. I love Margo, Alaska, and Hazel at once!! Too hard...
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  • AlexanderGreatAlexanderGreat Posts: 14
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    Alaska Young was one badass girl, and when it comes to pleasure of reading, Alaska Young for me was most entertaining. 

    Granted, I have not read Will Grayson, Will Grayson...

    But Alaska Young, well done finding your way out of the labyrinth....
  • The_SaraThe_Sara North Haven, CTPosts: 6
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Hazel was the most real to me, the most relateable, but it's hard to compare because she was the narrator while the others were not so we weren't in their heads.
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  • foreverellaforeverella New England, USAPosts: 24
    Hazel (TFioS)
    Hazel, because well she is not the most relatable ( at least for me) she is the strongest ( in my opinion).
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  • TheUnicornScribeTheUnicornScribe MalaysiaPosts: 30
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    Okay, so I was expecting Lindsay to be a little more popular—she had a personality and little quirks and her own weaknesses and that's what stuck out to me. I still remember that she bit the inside of her thumb when she was thinking or nervous, and in a really tough situation she stayed brave and accepted the truth for what it was.

    Personally, Hazel was a good character, but she never jumped out at me as someone I could omg relate to. She was a teenager half the time and then some contemplative old woman the other half. I didn't feel like I really knew her personality at the end of the book—some people did, but I think the movie was better for me in terms of Hazel's character. We got to see her actual teenage side and not just listen to inner monologues about how much she loved Augustus and about death and how annoying her friends are. I just never really felt like Hazel was a teenager when I read tfios. Lindsay made me think of myself a little and I actually saw her as a teenager in Katherines... that's all. I'm not trashing Hazel. I just think John could have developed her a little more.
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  • DftbaMegDftbaMeg Posts: 3
    Alaska (Looking For Alaska)
    Alaska is the most badass character. Shes so much of a mystery throughout the entire book. She was also a true book lover and she found her way out of the labyrinth. John green managed to create her perfectly without looking for her point of view. I get what your saying about Hazel being relatable but she seems to give up on life and not be able to take risks without Gus
  • the_music_manthe_music_man Frodsham, Cheshire, UKPosts: 11
    Lindsey (An Abundance Of Katherines
    I feel more connected with people that I have just read about. Also, the sheer fanbase of TFiOS Vs all other JG books is just astonishingly huge. I'd rather people read the books first rather than watch a film and that be it.
  • LinaLina Posts: 2
    Margo (Paper Towns)
    all female characters in john's books are fascinating, it was hard for me to choose but Margo left a bigger impact in my life than any of the other girls, it is a very unpopular opinion, but I liked her, very much, she knew what she wanted and how she will get there, not the destination to a place but what she wanted in life in general, and that is very mature of her and I have a soft spot for mature teens, not only that but she was realistic and every step she made was planned out to perfection, she also knew that people aren't angels and even angels don't stay angels forever and she treated everyone based on that, I know she was kind of too harsh on Q but he needed it, Margo is the kind of person I want to be in this life, determined, strong, brave, and that person who could change someone's life by spending a night with them, Margo is like that medicine that tastes really bad, we hate it, and it's too complex to understand, but that medicine is good for us, and would save our lives. 
    ps : I loved how the book ended. perfection.
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