Are there any Calgary AB based Nerdfighters?

KatOxymoronicKatOxymoronic Calgary, AB, CanadaPosts: 23
Hey, hoping to find some Calgarian Nerdfighters to converse with. Anybody out there?


  • NeilNPNeilNP Posts: 5
    Hey Kat, I'm from Calgary.  We're not alone!
  • KatOxymoronicKatOxymoronic Calgary, AB, CanadaPosts: 23
    Finally, I've been waiting ages for someone to reply. To be honest I was beginning to think I would never get a reply. This is wonderful!
  • SkylarkSkylark Posts: 16
    I'm not from Calgary, per say, but I do visit frequently. Anything that happens in Calgary, I would possibly be able to do something about that ;)
  • YYZatcboyYYZatcboy Posts: 1
    YYC Nerdfighter here!
  • KatOxymoronicKatOxymoronic Calgary, AB, CanadaPosts: 23
    It has been a long time since I checked this page, too long. Is wonderful to see that there are nerdfighters everywhere and that there are enough on this forum to respond to this post. Thank you for giving me hope that there are Calgary area nerdfighters and showing me that if you ask a question here you will get a response. Thank you all and bye for now! :)
  • Okay so clearly this thread is a bit old but I should definitely let you all know that there is totally a semi-active calgary nerdfighters facebook group. We used to be really active a few years ago, (after we all found each other from the original your pants forum) but unfortunately the group is less active now. BUT there are still a lot of people who would be up for events, we basically just need people to *plan* the events.

    Feel free to join and one of the admins (like myself) will hopefully respond to your join-request quickly.
  • KatOxymoronicKatOxymoronic Calgary, AB, CanadaPosts: 23
    Thanks for letting me know! Sorry for letting this thread die but University is hard and I haven't been on the forums in a little under a year. :(
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