New Austen adaptation: Emma Approved!

What do you all think about this? I'm not lucky enough to be at VidCon but I really wish I was. 


  • edwardedward Posts: 108 ✭✭
    What do you all think about this? I'm not lucky enough to be at VidCon but I really wish I was. 
    Exciting stuff!
  • SairooSairoo Posts: 46
    Wow, I didn't know about this. That's so exciting!!
  • Lavache_BeadsmanLavache_Beadsman New YorkPosts: 661 ✭✭✭
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    I never did care for Austen, but I will say that I found Emma to be the most tolerable of all her novels. We'll see.
  • TheTinyWriterTheTinyWriter Posts: 7
    I'm so excited! Do we know when it starts yet?
  • XenolillyXenolilly Posts: 44
    Now that it has started do you think it will get its own board?
  • kevinjohnshazzykevinjohnshazzy SoCal / TorontoPosts: 485 ✭✭✭✭
    who cares if it doesnt have its own board? lets just talk about it here!

    I personally like emma approved much better than LBD. I had watched about 10 episodes of LBD and i just couldnt get into it. maybe that's because i only finished about the same percentage of Pride & Prejudice and didn't really care for it, who knows?

    i've been reading emma in my spare time and the show has just caught up to where i am in the book so i may have to stockpile the episodes for a bit until i cant get significant headway made in my readings. lol but alas, it's exam time here and i dont realy have much time to read for fun. :/
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  • ashimmer13ashimmer13 Seattle, WA, USAPosts: 109 ✭✭
    Yay! @kevinjohnshazzy I can't wait to hear what you think as you keep reading and then watching. I think it is an absolutely spot on adaptation thus far and I'm bummed there has been so much backlash from the fandom because people don't feel that it is as interactive as LBD or Sanditon. But I think it would really take away from some of the things they are able to do in this particular series.  I recommend that everyone reads Emma, watches Emma Approved and watches Clueless the movie (because it is such a good adaption as well!). 

    I'm lucky to have a Janeite mother around to gush about all things Pemberley Digital with, but I'm happy to continue the conversation here!
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  • MetabeardMetabeard Posts: 111 ✭✭
    I have a feeling that Emma Approved will get more interactive as it goes on. I feel like it's still pretty new and only a few of the characters have been introduced. I was late to LBD, but it didn't start out all multi-platform, did it?
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