google hangout?



  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
    Hm, on second thought, 3pm is maybe a bit late for Europe. 1pm?
  • cassiea521cassiea521 Gainesville, Florida, USAPosts: 19
    @Merovius Thanks for the info! Hopefully the google hangout can happen!
  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
    So far, the feedback has been luke warm at best. It seems there really isn't a huge interest.
    I'm not particularly well networked with the nerdfighter community at large; maybe you can advertise this more widely in other forums, so that there are at least a couple of people there?

    It also seems, like the community functionality of google+ has been somewhat crippled lately, I can't seem to share a hangout with a community. Not a huge problem though, I'd find a way around that - either just making a regular public hangout and share a link to that or invite interested people individually.
  • cassiea521cassiea521 Gainesville, Florida, USAPosts: 19
    @Merovius I see what you're saying. I joined the google+ community and there's not a lot of recent activity.

    That's true, we can create a hangout and just share a link. Maybe I'll do that.
  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
    So, a couple of people in the IRC channel also said they'd be interested, so I guess we'll try and see :)
    I created an event and posted it to the community. I can also DM anyone interested a link.
  • snowflake1814snowflake1814 Wisconsin, USAPosts: 39
    I might be interested. My main question is what would we talk about? It'd be cool, but what would we do? Hank and the Perfect Strangers? Put stuff on our heads? Just talk? Politics? Shows? I would be interested but want to know more.
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  • cassiea521cassiea521 Gainesville, Florida, USAPosts: 19
    Great! @Merovius

    You make a good point @snowflake1814 There would have to be a topic for us to talk about, especially if we will be on there for a good amount of time
  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
    Personally, I'd just start and have a topic develop naturally :) Not too worried. If anyone wants to bring talking points, that's fine by me too, though.
  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
  • MeroviusMerovius Zürich, SwitzerlandPosts: 24
    FYI, we've been hangouting for a while now :) If you have trouble joining, feel free to ping me on hangouts, twitter or here :)
  • hermionegrangerhermionegranger the nearest libraryPosts: 126 ✭✭
    This seems pretty cool, but is it a thing yet? Doesn't look like it. Anyone here?
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