Wisconsin Nerdfighters!



  • SCas_2113SCas_2113 Posts: 1
    So, I'm on vacation with my family, visiting the Grand Canyon, when I happen to enjoy the second and third Nerdfighter meetings of my life as I sit down on the shuttle bus. The conversation with these two young women from Texas was the first chance I've had to speak with any of us in person, and the experience quite possibly made my trip.

    My name's Sam, I'm from Beaver Dam. I'm 23-and-a-quarter, and I've been a nominal Nerdfighter since last summer, when a friend and I watched every single Vlogbrothers video over the course of two weeks. I've joined my state Facebook page and technically been in Our Pants since shortly after the forum launched, but this is my very first post. Mind you, it's rambly and nearly a month after the latest post in the Wisconsin thread, but the effort's gotta count for something...right?
  • ricee95ricee95 Posts: 5
    I'm from the Oshkosh area but will be going to school in Stevens Point, any other Pointers?
  • AlliHAlliH Posts: 1
    Hey everyone! I also live in southern Wisconsin! I live in Oconomowoc (which is half way between Milwaukee and Madison). I have a bunch of friends who are nerdfighters also, so we would all love to go to a nerdfighter gathering! This is a great idea and I really hope it actually ends up happening! Is anyone else here from my area? 
  • Jenna11Jenna11 Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Can a Wisconsin gathering still happen? I live in the North-central area so it probably won't happen for me unless I can take time off to drive a couple of hours south, but it would still be cool.
  • SydEggSydEgg Posts: 1
    I'm from Manitowoc, I'll drive anywhere in the state on the weekends to meet you guys!
  • Warrior_UnicornWarrior_Unicorn The planet EarthPosts: 349 ✭✭✭
    Hi! I'm from the Edgerton area.
    It's been a real slice.
  • triesquidtriesquid northeastern wisconsinPosts: 3
    i live near near green bay and appleton.
  • Beth_CBeth_C Beloit, WisconsinPosts: 11
    I live in Beloit! Right on the stateline between Wisconsin and Illinois
  • rayeraye ChicagoPosts: 3
    Anyone in/near Waukesha that wants to try to meet up??
  • Emmmmmma_dftbaEmmmmmma_dftba Posts: 1
    Hello everyone! I've been a nerdfighter for a while now, but I just joined Nerdfighteria.com to meet nerdfighters around me. I live in the Green Bay area in Seymour and I was wondering if there were any nerdfighters there. DFTBA!
  • MusingMolluskMusingMollusk Minnesota/WisconsinPosts: 1
    Hello! I'm originally from Minnesota, but I'm going to university in Wisconsin. Any nerdfighters in the La Crosse area? This discussion seems old, but it never hurts to try!
  • snowflake1814snowflake1814 Wisconsin, USAPosts: 39
    I am going to attempt to bring back this ancient form because I didn't know how many nerdfighters there were in Wisconsin!
    Memento mori
  • Hey, I am a freshman at UW Whitewater. Are there any other nerdfighters attending UWW?
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