TFiOS Becoming Mainstream

Does this bother anyone else? I know it's a bit selfish of me to think like this, and I am happy for John becoming more successful, but it still bothers me a lot.


  • TianaRapleyTianaRapley Sydney, NSWPosts: 13
    This bothers me a little. I work in a book store and I always get, like, 14 year old girls coming up asking for books by "Jack Green" or for "The Faults in our Stars" ... even though it shouldn't, it really annoys me >__< I totally agree with the two comments above, but, arghhh I can't help but still be irritated by it.
  • bluebeefbluebeef Posts: 10
    It bothers me a lot as well, but then again, it does not. It bothers me because people are taking like a fad - wearing the t-shirts, getting the merchandise, posting things on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook about it...when it makes me believe that they're not getting the whole point of the story. But then again, I can't be too selfish. Maybe they are getting the point. And, nevertheless, John's books are growing in popularity. That's awesome! More people are being brought into Nerdfighteria and to the wonderful world of John Green literature.
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    This post kind of reminds me of my relationship with the band "fun."

    I fell in love with the band right around the release of their debut album. I would tell my friends all about it and I would say stuff like, "Oh my God, you have to listen to this band they're so theatrical and amazing! I can't believe they aren't HUGE right now!" and my friends only had a passing interest, at best.

    Fast forward to the release of their breakout hit "We Are Young" the SAME FRIENDS I recommended fun. to literally asked me "Hey, have you heard of this band 'fun.'?" as if my previous conversation with them never happened.

    It was kind of frustrating at first, but in the end I was totally happy that now I can mention fun. to anybody and they know exactly who I'm talking about!

    I guess the point is I'm extremely happy that TFiOS is getting so much attention. It's certainly well deserved and it doesn't bother me at all that TFiOS isn't "mine" anymore, or whatever. It's great to know that there are so many people that care about this book! Granted, there's going to be people that don't care about it as much as this community does, but that's okay!

    My idea of what the book is and means to me isn't affected by it's mainstream success at all.
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    It doesn't bother me much, but what DOES bother me is how they keep quoting the book without really understanding the quote! 
    I know it's probably not my business whether they understand the quote or not (I agree with you @bluebeef, maybe they DO understand it) but I can't help but feel a little annoyed when I see facebook statuses and stuff.

    I guess we've just got to accept the fact that there are going to be people who read it and don't think of it the way we do. Besides, it does deserve all the attention it's getting. :)

    by nayanikaa
  • peanutfreeismepeanutfreeisme Posts: 24

    At first it really bothered me. I thought of TFiOS of a little treasure that only Nerdfighters knew about. However, when it becomes a movie everyone is going to know about it, and it will become very mainstream. But now that I've thought about it for a while, it doesn't really bother me anymore. John Green deserves all of the success, and it will still be the same story that we have all fallen in love with. Just because more people know about it doesn't make it any less special.

    Just my two cents. :0)

  • MattTheRickerMattTheRicker Posts: 27
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    Well, there are a couple of facets here:

    1. As others have said above, this community is about openness, inclusivity, and the embracement of diversity.

    2. As others have said above, John deserves any and all recognition that may come. His books are among the best I have ever read, and I hope that they are one day taught in American Literature classes alongside the works of Salinger, Hemmingway and Hawthorne.

    3. Different people can appreciate literature on any number of different levels. You could read George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' as an allegory of the Bolshevik Revolution or you can read it as a story about some talking animals on a farm - and enjoy it either way. Perhaps you take the simpler interpretation reading as a younger person, and see the allegory on a later re-reading. In the same way, some 14 year old girls may read TFiOS and enjoy it on a more basic level, but hopefully they are still finding some meaning in it.

    4. I think that on one level or another - most of us are better people for following Hank and John's work. Imagine of more and more people were exposed to it and the principles of Nerdfighteria spread like wildfire? The world would be infected with a terminal case of awesome.

    5. Being concerned that our community might become trendy and therefore infected with hipsters, which will force you to say 'I was a fan back before it became mainstream and the hipsters came' makes you the very definition of a hipster.

    EDIT: I just realized that five is more than 'a couple'. Mea culpa.

    by MattTheRicker
  • lovelikeangelslovelikeangels ValyriaPosts: 276 ✭✭✭
    sort of. it's not something that i feel really strongly about, such as when my favorite bands become mainstream. idk what it is, i feel possessive about them and i need to tell people that i liked them FIRST damnit!. 
    If you are plagued by externals, it is not they who trouble you, but the importance you give them.
    Marcus Aurelius
  • naomiemily_naomiemily_ Australia!Posts: 8
    I get why it bothers people, but i honestly think John deserves all the recognition he gets. Its an awesome book even if it isn't my favourite. I still loved it. I mean i hate it when bands/books go mainstream and they aren't my little secret anymore
  • KristinReneeKristinRenee FloridaPosts: 1
    The Fault in Our Stars was not only an amazing novel that inspired, encouraged, and shaped me into the woman I am today, but it also introduced me to new people, new ideas, and an overall amazing community. I became a Nerdfighter a few months before the release of TFIOS and I was completely swept up into the excitement and the joy of John's book and, to be honest, it was great, I enjoyed being so easily accepted into a community that was as excited about something this awesome as I hoped to be. In that respect, it makes me so excited to welcome all these new people who are now joining the community through TFIOS. I may not have been a nerdfighter during brotherhood 2.0 but that doesn't mean that Nerdfighteria hasn't impacted my life in a positive way. I just hope that with TFIOS's popularity, more people can experience that excitement and euphoria of learning new things, meeting new people, and just getting involved. 
    With all these new fans, John and Hank can just create. With more material out there, they can reach even more people and wouldn't that be awesome.
  • KatBramlettKatBramlett Georgia, USAPosts: 3
    It bothers me but only because the meaning of such a superb novel will almost definitely be warped, mutilated and maybe even lost in the sea of the media. TFiOS was what unlocked the door into Nerdfighteria for me and it was recommended by a friend who had never even read the book, let alone heard anything about the Green brothers. 
    TFiOS is a very fragile story with a very fragile meaning and I'm afraid it has slim chances of surviving and remaining intact once it hits the full "mainstream". 
    Everyone  is entitled to their opinions and it is absolutely wonderful that John is getting so much popularity and recognition. However, everyone should be able to enjoy not only this book but all of John's works to their absolute fullest. Each reader should be able to glean his or her own personal message from John's novels and that's really difficult to do with the media blaring about it everywhere you look.
    I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it certainly makes me uncomfortable.
  • aisforamarettoaisforamaretto Posts: 1
    It's awesome if more and more people are encouraged to read it, however it's the thought of this divine book falling into the hands of idiots that frightens me.
  • another_bibliophileanother_bibliophile Canada Posts: 43
    Yeah, it kind of bothers me a bit too,but I'm really happy for John because it's just so awesome,and that's what nerdfighters do.We embrace the awesomeness of everyone and everything.To me tfios is one of those books where you should just accidentally find it in a bookstore because the cover just caught your eye,or because it was in front of or beside the book you were looking for.It's like a sacred book that you have to find on your own.It's one of those books where you want to share it with the world because it's just so beautiful,but at the same time you want to keep it a secret just for yourself.
  • ECHECH Posts: 3
    It kind of bothers me because I've been recommending John's books to my friends for the longest time and they would call his books things like 'hipster trash' because John writes books about things other than vampires falling in love. But now, all my friends are saying I should check out this cool new author called John Green and that annoys me. I am happy though that his books are getting more recognition because they deserve it, but I think a lot of people will just read his books and not become an active part of the community.
  • 77Palindrome77Palindrome New EnglandPosts: 14
    Yeah a bit. I really liked how they seemed to be my own, because not many other people I know had read them. I do feel a bit selfish about feeling this way, you know?
  • sophialovesweetssophialovesweets Posts: 20
    @77Palindrome ;

    i feel the same exact way.

    John's books have taken a special place in my heart because of how much they make me feel so many different emotions in just a few pages. They have given me a wide range of new ideas to think about and have changed the way I look at so many things. 

    they give me so many feels 

    its just that maybe they make me feel home?

    and, not to sound rude or anything, but now my friend is starting to read all of John's books too. (not that it's so bad that she can read these amazing books as well) Its just that, now, she talks to me about all of her emotions and she'll text me saying something like "OMG THIS IS MY FAV BOOK NOW" 
    like, yeah, John's books have that effect. 
    but now she's ruining my own feels and emotions and now its destroying the overall effect John's books had on me.

    i think it's just the realization that all these wonderful, impulsing, and eye-opening emotions that we get from these books are something that we all get after finishing TFIOS or Papertowns or Looking for Alaska. 

    and, to me, its really hard to share these feels
    they're so special
    they make me feel special

    it just 
    feel right.
  • DearAmbellinaDearAmbellina ScotlandPosts: 2
    edited July 2013
    For me, this book is perfection. I well and truly fell in love with this book and it is my favourite book of all time and I think that part of its special-ness is that it is a book, and not a film. In other words, I would so much rather sit in a cozy place with the book in my hands and feel the pages under my fingers and smell the pages as I turn them (because lets be honest, there is no better smell than a book) and imagine your own personal image of each character, and get lost in your own imagination than watch actors on a screen. Despite popular opinion, I think books portray feeling and emotion better than films because you can create the image of the characters to how you want to see them, therefore, you get more attached to them than what you would get with actors on a screen. It just feels more real to me.  So when I heard that TFIOS was getting turned into a film, I was pretty sad. Because my perception of the characters would be changed and I already love each character just the way they are in my head. That and everyone will have seen it and although lots of people have read the book, it still sucks for me that people I know will have watched it and then maybe have read the book because I feel so possessive over it and it possibly wont feel as personal. Much like the way Hazel Grace feels with an imperial affliction'. I do realise that this opinion could be seen as quite immature or selfish but when something makes you feel so much emotion and when you grow to love something so much, its hard not to feel possessive over it. Like when you cry every time you hear a certain song because it means so much to you then someone else tells you its there favourite song. With all that being said, I do find it fascinating that i'm not the only that has been touched by this book and i'm not the only one that sat crying in the middle of the night clutching the book to their chest because they were just overwhelmed by the story. John is one of my favourite people ever and he deserves all the publicity this movie will give him but I just think some books should stay books, because they are already so perfect because they are books and that this is one of those cases. But I hope I am proved wrong, and I trust that I will be, as I don't believe john would let the movie be tainted with too much Hollywood to let it be ruined. I have faith in you John! :)
    by DearAmbellina
  • givemejackbarakatgivemejackbarakat Dalllas, TXPosts: 7
    (This could turn out horrible considering this is the first post I have ever put on this website)

    I am very happy that The Fault in Our Stars has sold so many copies. It does bug me when people think it is the only book he has written. I am afraid that it will get into the wrong hands, if that makes any sense. Regardless, I am super proud of John for writing such an amazing book that many people love.
  • embobaemboba Posts: 1
    The Fault In Our Stars becoming "mainstream" is a good thing because now I can have discussions about awesome things with people that I usually wouldn't! Thank you John Green and readers of his work everyhwere!
  • shaileeshailee Sri LankaPosts: 233 ✭✭✭
    I like it that more and more people know about TFiOS. It's nice to see the bright blue book in bookstores, especially where I come from. BUT here's the thing. Before when I saw someone reading TFiOS, they were nerdfighters. They had read or at least knew about the other books, knew the vlogbrothers and so on. They knew the inside jokes. Now one of my best friends has also read LFA and TFiOS and she's quoting John and whatnot. But somehow I feel like she's doing this great injustice to the book by not looking at the book in a deeper manner. (Even the people who borrowed TFiOS from me, I made sure they were the kind of people who will truly appreciate what John has written.)

    Well, I may be just a bit annoyed that a book that was in a way 'mine' is now being read by people who just read it as a book and nothing more than that.
  • katnisskittkatnisskitt Kitchener Ontario, CanadaPosts: 74
    I think it is awesome that the nerdfighter community is expanding. I just hope people love it a much as we love it and they can understand what its about. I wish more people would read the book before the movie comes out or it says there is going to be a movie... I think than it gives people a chance to actually use their imagination and experience it in their own way.
  • Lavache_BeadsmanLavache_Beadsman New YorkPosts: 661 ✭✭✭
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    I think almost inevitably, there is the sense that something becomes less "cool" when it is more well-known or well-recognized. But that being said, it would seem to me that if something is as good as The Fault In Our Stars was, you would want it to eventually achieve that well-known status. I mean, when you finished the book, didn't you recommend it to anyone who asked? I know I did. And while I'll partly mourn it's popularization, I think actions speak louder than words, and my actions tell me that I want this book to be well-known, and deep down, I feel that it deserves to be well-known. So at the end of the day, I can't really say that I'm bothered by it.
    by Lavache_Beadsman
  • aliceisaloseraliceisaloser Posts: 1
    I guess i'm glad that John's book are becoming so well known and rightly enjoyed and loved. However, what does annoy me is when his books aren't appreciated by people buying TFiOS and just owning because its "cool", or putting it next to a cup of tea and instagramming it. His books are just so incredible they need to be read, and if you can appreciate that and use your mind then by all means, read them! 
  • TmrwWeWillRunFastrTmrwWeWillRunFastr Posts: 42 ✭✭
    @TianaRapley @MattTheRicker Thanks for commenting on this discussion! I love hearing other people's opinions on the subject. However, i did notice that you used "14 year old girl" as a sort of generalization for people that are unintelligent and are unable to see and read things complexly (although I may have misunderstood this use of the phrase). As a 14 year old girl, i just want to let you know that not all of us are like that, and hopefully the 14 year old girls that you have encountered haven't been so awful to make you think that that is how most of us act and think. :)
  • MattTMattT Crystal Lake, Illinois Posts: 8
    I do agree that when people obsess over it without really understanding the book, it's annoying. However, I'm all for it being as well known as it is. Without seeing a girl in my class reading it, I would probably never know what a Nerdfighter is, much less becoming one. I think that TFioS almost taught me how to read critically. So thanks, John.
  • leonwingsteinleonwingstein VTPosts: 2,683 Mod

    from what I have seen here, people are mostly concerned with the wider audience of this book (TFiOS) misinterpreting what it means.  And that is a legitimate concern, but there is really nothing that can be done.  And there isn't really anything really wrong with that, because, let's be honest, it might be changing the meaning of the story, but it doesn't change the story.  it brings to mind what john always says about the book being a creation of the reader as well.

    Like, if you have read the Great Gatsby in class, and then you went to go see the movie, you would see the same story.  the thing is, the way that your English teacher taught it and the way that the movie presented it were two different things.  Though you could say that the English teacher's interpretation was probably better, it's still the same story.  and every story is probably misinterpreted by someone.  it is worth it for this person to misinterpret meaning and have a wider array of people exposed to a great book, really.

    And as for having the book labeled assomething that "those people" (ie: nerdfighters and/or hipsters) read, who cares?  that doesn't change the book inany way.

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