The "I Listen To Weird Music" Thread



  • clausitclausit EnglandPosts: 7,809 ✭✭✭✭
    I just recently discovered Nujabes, and he is amazing. He did a lot of the music for Samurai Champloo, and his stuff is a mix of jazz, hip hop and electronica. I highly recommend the album Metaphorical Music.
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  • CorfyCorfy Greenfield, INPosts: 7
    I recently gave a co-worker a ride home. My MP3 player started playing. The first song that came on was a song from a Broadway Musical. After that was a song from a cartoon. And after that was a polka. I think it is safe to say that I have weird tastes.
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  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    I am listening to older Disney Channel music like older Miley Cyrus (before she started twerking), and other stuff. I don't know why I listen to that music.  It is so childish, yet I can relate to the music now that I am older.  Does anyone else still listen to music like that?
  • jemmyjoejemmyjoe Posts: 3
      As for WHY we listen to "weird" music... First is novelty is engaging. I would rather hear a song that I only kinda like that I have never heard than hear a song I LOVE that I hear five times a week. (unless its Harry Nilsson, apparently). While mainstream music does do a decent job of coming up with new sounds (despite what people say), sometimes you need to hear something completely unexpected. Usually that's older music or music not made by our normal social group.
      Which is a point too: music from different cultures, eras or subsets of our own culture is full of surprises. What is considered normal, even cliche, for their musical preferences is fresh when you are raised on other music. Different modes, instrumentation, song structure, singing style and the OMG-- poetry of the misunderstood! The poetry of the misunderstood! Not necessarily "getting" a song, and not just lyrically mind you, can make it seem to reveal a greater truth. 
  • jupiterrocks24jupiterrocks24 Amestris, of course!Posts: 26
    clausit said:
    I just recently discovered Nujabes, and he is amazing. He did a lot of the music for Samurai Champloo, and his stuff is a mix of jazz, hip hop and electronica. I highly recommend the album Metaphorical Music.
    That's my example! He isn't weird, but his stuff is the best music I've ever listened to. If you guys don't mind faint Japanse vocals, listen to this:

    "Now I see. You're jealous. You're jealous of humans aren't you? According to you, humans are supposed to be a lot weaker than homunculi. And yet, even if they get discouraged after being beaten, and even if they get close to falling down after losing their paths, they continue to get up and fight. Everyone around them helps them get back up. And you're envious of that."

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  • tiagotheweirdotiagotheweirdo Lisbon, PortugalPosts: 75
    My ipod is a big bag of broadway, alternative finnish folk, japanese pop-rock and some workout mixes. I think it's safe to say I'm missing some jazz or something to complete the weirdness cycle.
  • AdhamAdham Posts: 10
    weird music ? Harley Poe rules over this realm. all his songs are creepy and horror themed and i love every bit of it. makes me question my sanity a little but they're amazing. if anyone is interested, try listening to Luis Was an Odd Boy, The Hearse Song, Maria, Gordon, and Corpse Grindin Man 
  • crazypenguincrazypenguin SerbiaPosts: 22
    A proghead here. :) Wishing I was born in the early sixties, so I would be a teen in the seventies. *.*

    Some all-time favorites (basically the classics of the genre): Jethro Tull, ELP, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis.

    I actually generally listen to a lot of different music, but the above really stands out as my personal favorite taste. Other than the progs, I listen to a lot of irish music (Irish Prog AKA Horslips FTW!), musicals, a bit of jazz and classical here and there, but not too much really (I find it takes up a lot of my time, so basically when I have free time, and I'm not reading anything, I will sit down and listen for a few hours).
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  • Lavache_BeadsmanLavache_Beadsman New YorkPosts: 661 ✭✭✭
  • NackPTNackPT Posts: 41
    The Front Bottoms!
    twenty one pilots!
    Bright Eyes!
    Kimya Dawson!
    Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties! (not that weird but whatever)

  • m83m83 Posts: 6
    M83 and the head and the heart are so underrated it's sad also the entire Harry potter background music by Nicholas hooper and Alexander Desplat is life and also Chopin is amazing
  • kr1spychickpeaskr1spychickpeas Posts: 1
    i listen to everything (except country and 'mainstream' top 40 pop) from classical to dubstep to hip hop to rock to 90s bubblepop to nightcore to genreless music, but i think the most "weird" music i listen to are categories referred to as breakcore or jungle, bands and artists like ruby my dear, igorrr, nero's day at disneyland, noisia, venetian snares and so on. a lot of dischord and broken rhythms, definitely takes an acquired taste to appreciate but once you get that it's kind of beautiful.
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