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Okay you guys, so I've been wondering if anyone else in the region has troubles finding John's books?!
I live in Saudi and the 2 major bookstores "Jarir" and "Al-Obaikan" have only TFiOS and Looking for Alaska. Which is pretty annoying, me and my friends have been on a hunt for TFiOS and I only found it a couple of weeks ago, even Virgin didn't have it! But anyway I still can't find An Abundance of Katherines nor Paper Towns.
So basically I thought that if it's a problem in the whole region, we should come up with something to fix it. Any ideas? Suggest in the comments please! And DFTBA <3
by Moosy


  • Lady_ShahdLady_Shahd JordanPosts: 2
    I don't know if you'll read this, but I'll comment anyway.. I live I Jordan and I too had a very hard time finding John's books here but I recently found the whole collection in City Mall and Mecca Mall, if there are any branches in Saudi I think you can find them there! Also you can buy them on Amazon! Or if some time you find yourself in Jordan check these places or any major library (there are some in Swefieh الصويفية) I'm sure you'll easily find them! Hope that helps :) DFTBA!
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