Question to the NZ Nerdfighters!

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Hey guys!

I'm a med student from Austria and in our final year (which for me will be 2014/2015, but I have to plan it already now) we have to work in hospitals. I wanted to visit New Zealand for a very long time, so I though, why not work there for a month?
I'd work for one month and stay for another month to travel around, visit some relatives etc etc.

So I have a question. Well, two actually:

a) What time of the year do you find nicest to visit New Zealand? Month wise?

b) I have three options: Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. What would you recommend?

So far I didn't do much research except what requirements the hospitals have, so I thought I'd ask some Nerdfighters, they always know awesome things :)
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    Well, if you're just staying in the city, Wellington beats the other two by a wide margin. Dunedin is pretty nice (and the Otago Peninsula is well worth a visit if you're into birds and nature and PIZZZAA); Christchurch is still severely impaired from the 2011 earthquake but nonetheless has some good bits; but Wellington just happens to be the coolest city I've ever been to. It has amazing architecture and public art and street art and is generally just super cozy. And their public bathrooms look like giant metal worms:


    That said, the most amazing nature sights (that I've experienced) are definitely on the south island, which speaks in favor of Christchurch or Dunedin. You can catch the trans-alpine railway from Christchurch to the west coast, and get to see snow-capped mountains and temperate rainforest in the space of one day, for example. But yeah, as a city in and of itself, Wellington is by far the winner.

    As for what time to visit, I was in New Zealand from February to July last year, and out of those I recommend February, although I'm sure springtime would be wonderful as well.
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    Wellington. January. See you when you get here. :p
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    I'm going to Wellington either before or after Christmas!
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    Well I'm biased
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    Like the others, I'd definitely come January/February if you can, it tends to be a lot warmer overall and the weather is much nicer.
    Wellington would definitely be a first choice, if you can't make it, then Dunedin. Wellington is a beautiful city with good architecture and great weather during the summer months, not to mention the numerous places to visit.
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    I'm slightly biased, but I'd say Dunedin. Then again, NZ as a whole is pretty amazing.
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  • I would recommend going in January or beginning of February because it's really lovely and warm. As for where to go I would say Wellington, because it's lots of fun. I haven't been to Dunedin or Christchurch, but I know Christchurch keeps having lots of flooding at the moment, so I wouldn't recommend going there for a while. :)
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