Paper Towns - What's Your Opinion??



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    I love them both I really enjoyed paper towns and would highly recommend reading it
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    I read the book and saw the movie... actually saw the movie first and didn't like how it ended. The book was a little better as it didn't have that whole we have to find Margo before prom time crunch... in fact prom was already over before they even realized where she was. But they don't end up together in either version of the story and that still bugs me.

    I did enjoy it more than TifoS. Saw the movie still have not touched the book cause it's so sad I don't think I could read it even if I wanted to. Was crying during the movie, hard to read threw tears. Glad Paper Towns was more of an upbeat adventure story.

    I kinda want to try another John Green book but not sure which one to go for. I hear Looking for Alaska might get a Netflix series so if I like that I might grab the book but otherwise I don't know which books are going to be not like TfioS.
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    I love Paper Towns, Though I do find Quentin kind of Annoying and despised him through most of the book though at the end after he finds Margo and she's angry at him and she tells him about the story she wrote and they dig graves for little Quentin, little Margo, Magical Myrna Mountweazel, and Robert Joyner and Kiss like Three Times, I kind of start to like him. And Margo is my favorite character overall and I love her so much cause she hates routine and everybody believes that she's like a legend and a crazy beautiful girl who does crazy beautiful things and nobody til Q realizes she's just a girl, a person, like me and you. And I mean the ending was beautiful and bittersweet and amazing and all, I just really like this book.
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