First Vlogbrothers video you ever watched



  • My first Vlogbrothers video was 31 Nerd Jokes
  • justanotherguy45justanotherguy45 Moss point, Mississippi Posts: 20
    My first vlogbrothers vid was about the 5 year relates of looking for Alaska
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  • ElementaryWatsonElementaryWatson North CarolinaPosts: 13
    Hmm, I don't remember which one. But, I think my first Vlogbrother's video was a question video by John.  Somebody asked "where are all the nerd girls."  And John was like "ppssstt....they're right here."

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    "Elementary." Said he.

  • IanDavidWayIanDavidWay Posts: 7
    Accio Deathly Hallows! I loved it from the very first second.
  • fingerscrossedfingerscrossed MainePosts: 164 ✭✭
    edited December 2015
    "The Great Goose Migration" I'm don't think it was the very first one I watched, but after I watched it, I immediately subscribed because it made me feel amazing. It is the video that made me realize my nerdfighterdom. It's still one of my favorites.
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  • hmanlopezhmanlopez Posts: 2
    I cannot remember the first video I saw from them , but I can tell you I seen every single blog brothers video.!!
  • Friendship2Friendship2 New JerseyPosts: 15
    There are technically two different answers to this question. In all technicality, the first vlogbrothers I ever watched was Obama Llama Duck back in 2008 because me, a nine year old at the time, had just discovered Youtube and the Llama Song. However, I forgot about it entirely, and the first video that I watched where I started actually following them was in 2011, This isn't Hogwarts (Another of Hank's songs, oddly enough).
  • centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
    "On Middle School Misery" a few weeks after it was posted....It was referred to in another forum or in the comment section of a blogpost somewhere...
  • antique_roseantique_rose Posts: 17
    I wish I still knew, I have no idea actually, but I do know that I've watched them all.
  • mtttikemtttike Posts: 27
    Hard to say, I think I stumbled upon the Vlogbrothers channel a while back put I didn't became interested right away. Instead I watched Crash Course and Scishow and then I began to watch all the Vlogbrothers videos from the beginning.
  • SHIELDagentAubreeSHIELDagentAubree Usually in a bookPosts: 8
    Mine was sharpie face. My best friend showed it to me. I was hooked.
    To be fair however, I had seen crash course videos during class before that. The first one of those I saw was the world history one about ancient China civilization.
  • nietsneknarfrotcivnietsneknarfrotciv Geneva, New YorkPosts: 5
    edited January 2017
    EDIT: I just realized that that was not my first ever vlogbrothers video. THIS was my first ever vlogbrothers video:

    The first vlogbrothers video I ever watched was and I found it because it was one of the recommended videos on a video for a Weird Al song and at the time I was very much into Weird Al.
  • RogansRunRogansRun Posts: 16
    A crash course about Catcher in the Rye. John was so thorough!
  • FrenchthegiraffeFrenchthegiraffe Posts: 3
    The refugee crisis. My teacher showed it in school. I wonder how many of my classmates explored the vlogbrothers after that like I did.
  • WaffleWarriorWaffleWarrior USAPosts: 16
    My first Vlogbrothers video was "15 hours in Target!"
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  • ErraticArtistErraticArtist Kamloops, BCPosts: 2
    My first video was the Happy Dance Video (I think it was the day it went up too) and I've been watching them ever since!
  • PrincessPrincess Posts: 3
    I think my first video was the one where John sits in a hotel room signing up for health insurance in two different ways (obamacare and the other one)...I think. If it wasn't my first, it was one of the first.
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