First Vlogbrothers video you ever watched



  • jaredjared Posts: 5
    The first one I saw was the French Revolution video, my teacher showed it to the class in European History. 
  • jianalijianali Cocoa, FloridaPosts: 3
    my first video was the nanowrimo vid. i think I watched it in 2010? I loved the fast talking craziness... kinda like nanowrimo itself. lol. Because it was November,  I really did not investigate much further into the vlogs, but I remember wondering  -who was this Hank guy that John was talking to. over the years between then and a month ago, I saw one of the vids randomly here and there. i think  what got me into wathcing the rest was some quote of John's on tumblr
  • Pandagirl8Pandagirl8 Posts: 17
    I'm a very new nerdfighter, so it was In-Depth Viewing of the TFiOS Trailer.
  • Beth_CBeth_C Beloit, WisconsinPosts: 11
    I don't really remember. I sort of became aware of all of this slowly...I'd see people post random videos on tumblr or facebook and I'd watch them, but I'd only seen a few of them. About a month ago I finally decided that I wanted to know what all of this was about, so I started from the very beginning.
  • MarelBadger819MarelBadger819 Posts: 18
    Mine was the one about conjoined twins. For some reason, I decided to just go on my merry way. My first video as a potential viewer was the tumblr musical, which I watched about a year after my first video.
  • LillywingLillywing Posts: 4

    This was mine. We were going to read tfios for book club, and my school librarian showed us this. i loved it, and watched it twice in a row

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  • CorfyCorfy Greenfield, INPosts: 7
    My first Vlogbrothers video was "An Open Letter to Returning Students", which I watched nearly a year after it was first posted because a website I followed linked to it.

    But I had been following the Mental Floss videos for a few months prior, although I had no idea who the host really was. I figured he was just an editor at the magazine or something. So when I discovered he was an extremely active YouTuber, I became excited, and quickly became hooked. In fact, just this morning, I finished watching the very last Vlogbrothers video (or rather, the very first video, as I've been watching the older videos in reverse order). I'd like to add that I'd already worked my way though SciShow, CrashCourse, Hankgames, and HanksChannel.
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  • GrammarGingerGrammarGinger Posts: 10
    My first was 17 Rants in 4 Minutes. I sent it to my boyfriend and my roommate, and after that we were all hooked.
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  • Sage_potterSage_potter my housePosts: 1
    my first video was the Accio deathly hallows video. I found it while looking for wizard rock songs last year though it wasn't until about a month later that I actually got into the vlogbrothers videos and discovered the nerdfighter community
  • judgingfromafarjudgingfromafar Colorado (New Mexico in the summer)Posts: 24
    I believe the first vlogbrothers video that I saw was one of the jokes ones, then I was like "hey these people seem kinda cool" then I got sucked into the world that is nerdfighteria
  • considermeweeirdconsidermeweeird Virginia Beach, VA.Posts: 23
    My first video was Hitler and Sex :p
  • EmHasAUsernameEmHasAUsername Minnesota, USAPosts: 44
    My first video was the one about Healthcare

    This one was mine, too!
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  • SebnisSebnis Posts: 4
    I think my first video was this one: , the Question Tuesday Paternity Leave video, which was really confusing, because I wasn't really sure what was going on, seeing as John wasn't there much. But the I browsed, went further back, and then it just kind of snow balled from there.

  • struckmanntransitstruckmanntransit Posts: 13
    the truth about pennies(also nickles) was my first vlogbrothers, although i only watched it because c.g.p grey recommended it- so glad he did! 

    As was mine, but it was just an interesting episode to me then. I didn't get hooked until "On middle school misery". I had found SciShow through CGPGrey (the Mayan Calendar one), saw CrashCourse (Cinnamon Challenge), then looked up John Green on YouTube, found VlogBrothers, and wasn't really interested until Middle School Misery.
  • Sylvia3Sylvia3 PennsylvaniaPosts: 98 ✭✭✭
    Mine was the one my friend showed me, which was Hank's "what guys look for in girls" or something. 
  • eventer79eventer79 The TARDISPosts: 20
    I just watched John's video on "Perspective" a day or two ago -- and it was brain magnet and now I can't stop looking for more!  All of these things which have been churning around in my head for the last several *mumble* decades suddenly came out of this random YouTube guy linked from the blog of a writer I greatly admire.  Geez, I am way too old to fangirl... (shhhh, don't tell Tennant and Cumberbatch)
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  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    edited June 2014
    This Isn't Hogwarts.  I watched it way before I became a Nerdfighter and it is an accurate presentation of my life.
  • ASillyPonyASillyPony Posts: 9
    The first Vlogbrothers video I watched was "Human Sexuality is Complicated" several months ago, on a forum discussion on sexuality. However, I didn't start getting into it properly until a friend of mine started raving about TFIOS, Crash Course, and his Lithuanian Nerdfighterlike (can you use that word as a noun?) My trigger was buying TFIOS, and deciding to check out the videos. I've now watched all of the CC World History videos, and am currently about a quarter of the way through the Biology course.
  • AleaAlea SwedenPosts: 17
    I remember watching Tumblr: the musical before I even knew it about the vlogbrothers. Later my cousin made me start watching them, but I can't really remember which I watched first then :/ Though I started watching them from the begining pretty soon after that ^^
  • cazortcazort Jenkintown, PAPosts: 194 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2014
    I am pretty sure I've watched snippets of them before, and I may have watched ones and forgotten about them, but the first one I remember watching in its entirety was What Boys Look For In Girls.

    I really love the message about the general quirkiness of attraction.  I wish I had heard more of this sort of message when I was a teenager.  I felt like the cultural narrative that I most often encountered talked about attractiveness as a universal and one-dimensional thing, and I think that way of thinking about things was damaging in multiple ways.
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  • StarElements5StarElements5 USAPosts: 11
    edited July 2014
    Mine was 'Question Tuesday! TFIOS Movie Trailer, Penguin Knees, and Backflips' on 1/28/14. I starting watching them after I read TFIOS

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  • LunarEclipseLunarEclipse HogwartsPosts: 58
    I think my first video was "I'm Gonna Kill You" which is a Hank song that I still love-- I sometimes how I got hooked by that but here I am.
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  • rkent100rkent100 Posts: 39
    My first one was "Will life get better for the poor"
  • ELOfan86ELOfan86 Urbana, IllinoisPosts: 15
    So before I knew what the Vlogbros were I saw a Mentalfloss video on Youtube which lead to another one and another one. The next day on Youtube it had a suggestion for me it was John's video where he was being punished and had to wax his chin and from then on I had to watch the rest of them.
  • CrazyChickenzCrazyChickenz Planet EarthPosts: 2
    Mine was "Flinching in the Shower" - after reading TFIOS I checked out Vlogbrothers, and realised that I had already watched some of their videos!
  • TitanHackFighterTitanHackFighter Los AngelesPosts: 4
    Can't remember what the first Vlogbrothers video was that i watched, but the first time i saw hank was on Scishow. 
  • mimilynnmimilynn Posts: 8
    I think mine was Hong Kong protests explained, I had actually stumbled upon their channel from a recommendation on youtube cause I love learning about history and political events. Needless to say I'm pretty happy I was lead in the right direction!
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  • ceciliann44ceciliann44 MichiganPosts: 6
    The first Vlogbrothers video I ever watched:

    I had just learned John Green had a YouTube channel so I immediately subscribed and when Hank posted it I was deeply confused but stuck with the channel.
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  • ZoaThePersonZoaThePerson Nevada, the land o' dirtPosts: 243 ✭✭
    I had an interesting introduction to the vlogbrothers. So I got really into CGP Grey about a year and a half ago maybe more and he linked to the I hate pennies (also nickels) video in one of his videos. So I watched that and a couple related videos and thought they were funny and promptly forgot about them. Then like a few months ago I rediscovered the vlogbrothers via the about the author part of TFiOS. I have been a steady nerdfighter ever since.
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  • JKB373935JKB373935 Lake Zurich, ILPosts: 8
    The first Vlogbrothers video I watched was one of the 50 jokes videos. I don't remember which one. My friend showed it to me. She said her brother didn't understand most of the jokes and she wanted to know if I was smarter than her brother. I loved it then I showed it to my brother and he loved it too. 
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