First Vlogbrothers video you ever watched

Hi everyone I was wondering what was the first Vlogbrothers video you watched?

My first video was  and I watched it when I was round a friends house and then went home and spent about the whole week watching vlogbrothers
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  • restipulaterestipulate Posts: 8
    I first became acquainted with them when Hank's Accio song video was featured on the front page.  I think that feature by youtube was the first exposure for a lot of nerfighters.  I thought it was great.  and within a day I had watched everything they had posted and have never looked back.  
  • twirlgirlroxtwirlgirlrox Posts: 2,056 ✭✭✭✭✭
    "In Which The Candle Dies" was my first video. It was the most recent one they posted when I discovered the vlogbrothers, so I decided to watch it first. I was hopelessly confused, but I went back and watched the 20 essential videos playlist and all was clear :)
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  • FalloutFantasyFalloutFantasy Posts: 23
    My first Vlogbrother's video was "Google Is Alive." My first Hank & John video was "Oxygen Kills" from Scishow. 
  • RhythmStixxRhythmStixx Posts: 4
    My first VlogBrothers video was on North Korea explained. Then how to name your baby properly. Then the rest is history.
  • CadeJohnsonCadeJohnson Posts: 8
    My first video was 17 rants in four minutes, which led to me watching video after video.
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  • SouthstreetSouthstreet Posts: 2
    Mine was the first 50 jokes in 4 minutes video, but my teacher also showed us crash course videos to teach us world history.
  • BananaBatBananaBat Posts: 97 ✭✭
    I had heard about the vlogbrothers from some of my friends, but didn't really start watching their videos until I happened upon the video of John at BEA with Chris Colfer. I'm a fan of Chris' and I saw the video on tumblr, then I proceeded to marathon the rest of the videos that existed at the time. 
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  • eefaeefa Posts: 22
    My first video was HAPPY JOHN DAY!!! 
    I remember because someone I followed on deviantART (because this was 2009) uploaded a picture she made John's birthday (its @ 00.35) and posted a link to the video in the description.

    Okay I THOUGHT that was it but I just checked the art post and there is a comment from me-in-2009, successfully listing all the nerdfighter references in the picture. So. T'was before that at least.
  • loonylovegoodloonylovegood Posts: 2
    My first video was Hank's "53 terrible jokes in 4 minutes" video. Ever since then, I've been hooked!
  • 77Palindrome77Palindrome New EnglandPosts: 14
    Conjoined Twins was my first.
    the truth about pennies(also nickles) was my first vlogbrothers, although i only watched it because c.g.p grey recommended it- so glad he did! 
  • seaurchinseaurchin MNPosts: 15
    My first video was "Human Sexuality is Complicated."
  • The first Vlogbrothers video I watched was the one about phineas Gage. I didn't recognize hank, or the channel so it wasn't my first video I knew was vlogbrothers. For that, I came from Scishow.
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  • Lavache_BeadsmanLavache_Beadsman New YorkPosts: 661 ✭✭✭
    I'm quite sure it was this one, although I could be wrong. My friend quoted it online, and I just thought something he said was funny, so I looked it up:

  • cookiefiendcookiefiend Posts: 114 ✭✭✭
    Hanklerfish! I remember a friend showing it to me years ago because the song was funny and skipping Hank talking the first few times I listened to it because seriously, who was the weird guy talking so fast? I now know better, of course :)
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  • RoxieFlashRoxieFlash Dalton, GAPosts: 207 ✭✭✭
    The "How to Vlog" video. I was looking for advice on the subject and I was tired of seeing them everywhere and not knowing anything about them. 

    I then spent the next week watching every video they had. 
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  • WingspanTNRWingspanTNR Iowa, USPosts: 116 ✭✭
    My first video was a Crash Course video but my first VlogBrothers vid was either Communist Celery or Human Sexuality is Complicated. Then I got to the joke videos and by then I had pretty much worked my way up to current on CCWH which was in about February of 2013 so then I started watching all the VlogBrothers vids in order. I finished and subbed in July.
  • Labuser05Labuser05 Posts: 5

    I have a horrible memory, but I think the first vlogbrothers video I watched was Nerdfighter Marriage Proposal. But, I discovered crashcourse and mentalfloss, and then I found the vlogbrother videos. Pretty much watched a couple from 2009, found out they started vlogging from January 1st 2007, and then I began my pilgrimage through time.

  • buffaloguy1991buffaloguy1991 Buffalo, New YorkPosts: 8
    My first video was the one about Healthcare

  • I remember going into the book section of Costo, reading a bit of TFIOS, which had just been released at the time, and thinking, "Hm. This John Green fellow is quite good. Wonder who he is." So I came home and looked him up and the latest vlogbrothers video came up, and it was that one called something along the lines of "A Letter to Returning Students" Remains one of my favorites to this day. 
  • FerronFerron Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 37
    If I remember correctly, 31 Jokes for Nerds was my first Vlogbrothers video:
  • guptacoguptaco Posts: 2
    50 jokes in 4 minutes
  • I can't t remember my first vlogbrothes video, my history teacher assigned the crash course on feudalism and it all snowballed from there
  • KritikalKritikal Boise, IdahoPosts: 250 ✭✭
    I first saw one on hank's jokes videos. I joined nerdfighteria during the TFIOS tour.
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  • OneWingedWannabeOneWingedWannabe Berkeley, CAPosts: 13
    I was having a crisis about college and my future. So I did the natural thing and searched youtube haha.

  • KeeleyzincKeeleyzinc Asheville NCPosts: 60

    my first vlogbrothers video was "100 questions in 4 minutes" I love that vid :) but I watched crash course a long time before that.

  • DrizzleDrizzle Posts: 2
    I was sure I stumbled across the vlogbrothers on YouTube, but scrolling through my facebook feed today I discovered that it was most likely John's Healthcare video that circulated via Upworthy not too long ago. Either way, I've been happily binge watching ever since :) 
  • MetabeardMetabeard Posts: 111 ✭✭
    My first video was the one about Healthcare

    Yeah, that's how I found out about them. One of my friends posted it on FB and I thought, "Hey, this guy is kinda insightful. I wonder what else he has to say." and I've been pretty hooked ever since.
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  • notadollophead68notadollophead68 Fictional UniversesPosts: 251 ✭✭
    @scarlettplusnoir that was my first one too!

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  • I believe my first vlogbrothers video I watched was, 'I Was A Child Poet, And A Bad One."
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